Caution: Some users have accidentally bent their iPhone 6 Plus in pockets

“A small but growing number of iPhone 6 Plus owners have reportedly bent their phones after carrying the devices in their pockets just days after launch,” Kelly Hodgkins reports for MacRumors. “In one instance, a new iPhone 6 Plus was bent during a day of dancing, dining, and driving to a wedding.”

“This potential for bending is of course not unique to the iPhone 6 Plus, with reports of bent iPhone 5 and 5s handsets surfacing in the past few years. As iPhones get thinner and larger, however, storage of the handset in a pocket becomes riskier,” Hodgkins reports. “To prevent bending, iPhone 6 Plus owners may want to remove their iPhones from their pockets before sitting or bending. If a pocket is unavoidable, then customers may want to place their device in a roomier pocket that allows the device to slide out the way. A rigid case may also provide protection from flexing or bending, as well damage from dropping the device. ”

See the photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As iPhones get thinner, Apple’s work with Liquidmetal becomes all the more crucial.

Be careful out there. Use common sense. iPhones are currently made with aluminum and glass and are not unbendable/unbreakable.


    1. Exactly. There are only like 3 documented cases on there and yet they want to say it’s a growing issue. Just don’t be stupid and sit on the thing, problem solved. While you’re at it, you might not want to sit on your laptop either.

    2. “This potential for bending is of course not unique to the iPhone 6 Plus, with reports of bent iPhone 5 and 5s handsets surfacing in the past few years. ”

      Small but growing with the iPhone….

      Could be people are too embarrassed to say they sat on the iPhone and bent it with their fat ass.
      Same with the people that claim it was “rain” or “sweat” that must have killed their iPhone.. and not the toilet they dropped it in cause they are too addicted to the social world they have to tweet from the throne. (A report MDN posted a while back, I guess women are the worst offenders to toilet posting etc.)

      If you pay as much as we do for phones and rely on them as much as we do, you would think people would actually try and take care of them.. I see people with them in their back pockets half hanging out.. half sat on, dropped all the time. Some with cases, some not… all scratched to Hell, cracked screens, bits of plastic missing, dented.. coffee/beverage stains.

      And they wonder why the phone isn’t working right.

      1. How many pockets will a 6+ fit? Front and back pants, but a risk of bending. A shirt pocket? No. Inside jacket pocket? Maybe. The 6+ needs to be carried in a purse (or murse).

        Apple really has gone too far with skinny phones. The 4/4s was thin enough. Imagine the battery life for a 6/6+, plus there could be extra support against bending and no protruding camera.

        I think I can manage to carry an extra oz. or two without breaking into a sweat, and I’d really appreciate the additional battery life.

        1. I know 3 people that dropped their phones in a toilet.
          All 3 lied to the carrier/apple about it.

          1 claimed it had to be rain… That’s why I put rain in quotes.
          The other two claimed water splashed from kitchen sink.

          All 3 took a swim in the toilet bowl.

          And trust me, I’m out in more inclement weather than you.. I just keep my iPhone as dry as possible. I have a waterproof point and shoot camera bag that fit the iPhone 5 perfect, even with a case on it. And still able to be in my pocket or my coat. Always stayed dry, even in insane downpours.

          1. I recall using my 3gs on a long call one hot summer day in a room with a broken air conditioner. After about an hour both the phone and I were soaked. The touch screen started acting wonky, responding to gestures about an inch over the phone. I called Apple and had a replacement in 24 hours. Gotta love that Applecare!

          2. “And trust me, I’m out in more inclement weather than you…..”
            And how do you know this just from reading this stuff? I’m an offshore sailor in a sub-tropical environment, out in all kinds of weather on a regular basis for a week or more at a time. Believe me, I know about rain. No, it wasn’t a wave that did it either. And why would I lie on this forum about it being rain that killed it? I didn’t lie to Apple about it and paid the replacement price for a swap to a new one. I no longer keep my iPhone in a wet weather Jacket pocket (that’s supposed to be waterproof, but obviously isn’t), and stow it below if there looks like rain or heavy weather coming.

        2. I run marathons and train year round in all kinds of weather and have never lost an iPhone to water damage. If you are in bad weather all the time life proof or otter make wonderful waterproof cases, when I run and its snowing or raining I put my in a ziplock bag sometimes and its just fine.

          1. Most of the waterproof cases are cumbersome in use and have very short warranties for a good reason, their waterproof seals are prone to breaking down and failing very quickly. The zip lock bag trick is one I’ve used a few times and it works well if you remember to bring along enough zip lock bags. They get holes in them and are only good for one day or so at sea.

    3. This just tells us how friggin’ stupid people can be. Who in the hell, in their right mind, puts their phone in their back pocket and then either sits at their desk or goes for a drive in the car?? Typical of the “Entitled Generation”, those that have no parents at home during the after school hours or, on the other hand, don’t really pay attention to what their kids are doing. I’m 72 now and took the time and energy to pass on to my 3 kids the right way to do things, no matter what the problem was. This country is so screwed up these days, no one takes the time to explain the correct way to do things — probably because they don’t know themselves.

      1. re JES

        I read a wonderful piece from a couple of hundred years ago. (Really wish I had made a note of who said it.)
        EXACTLY the same stuff, only in a very literary English.

        “Grumble grumble, young ‘uns. No respect for their elders. snarl. Think they’re so entitled. Think they’re going to get looked after when they debauch, drink and gamble. Why in MY day, we knew what was what. I got brought up right. Whipped ’til I bled, and I deserved it. The country’s going to the dogs. And the so-called MUSIC they listen to. Sheesh. We had real music, in my day.”

        I think every generation has the same grumpy complaining about “the younger generation”. It’s probably been going on since we lived in caves.

  1. I currently use an aluminum case from I believe they will make one for the 6 as well as their current offerings. Should stiffen things up nicely….and great protection too. My iPhone 5 is in flawless condition thanks to their case.

      1. Yeah….but….on the plus side, they work really, really great in protecting the iPhone. Like I said, my iPhone 5 has ZERO scratches, dents, cracks, or whatever. And I personally am a sucker for all things billet aluminum……..but that’s just me.

    1. Not if it becomes a common problem. The phones are Apple’s thinnest ever and have more surface area which means more leverage. Another site just posted a video of a guy bending the 6+. It bent at the cutout for the volume controls. The screen didn’t break and the phone still worked, but it was very noticeable.

      This will be a problem.

      1. Saw the video and he was shaking because he was putting so much force on the iPhone 6 plus to bend it. Also he put his thumbs on the button side right next to the buttons. He is an idiot. His video is just about the stupidest thing I have ever seen. He clearly had to put major force into bending the phone. No one in there right mind would do the same.

        1. Time will tell. I tend to treat my iPhones gently but accidents do happen. I was in the hospital a couple years ago using my 4s to stream Netflix and the hospital workers knocked my phone from the table to the floor about 2-3 times a day for a week. Fortunately I had a good case, but we don’t always have control over what happens.

          These are Apple’s largest and thinnest phones and I think this time around aesthetics won over practicality,

          But as I said, time will tell if this is becomes a problem.

  2. I last used a case on my iPhone 3G. With its rounded edges and slick back, it was a necessity. The design of the 4(S) and 5(S) for me mitigated that need, and I haven’t used a case at all with these models. I felt a case just covered up the beautiful design, and added extra weight and bulk which I was not interested in. All 3 phones I had (4, 4S, and 5S) survived this just fine.

    With the iPhones 6, we are back to rounded edges. The exterior of the phone is an aesthetic step backwards what with the funny antenna lines and protruding camera lens. It is almost as if Apple intends for a case to be employed. So, next year when I get a 6S, I will likely revert to using a case once more.. preferably one that provides grip and who’s camera opening allows the lens to sit flush.

  3. There are 2 or three cases of this.

    1. China
    2. France
    3. 2 from US.

    In each case, the clamant proclaims innocence. (Loose slacks etc. The China case, was a back pocket, and they said as such. The rest say front pocket, loose pants or jeans.

    I have tested these theories. Though caution should be used, it takes a lot to bend the phone. I suspect we aren’t hearing the truth. Alcohol was a part of the bending process (the drinking kind) and these people may have slept on their phone or did more than what they say.

    Again, I have simply carried the 6+ in my front pocket, without issue to date. Also that was naked. I now have a case, which I thin will help with reinforcement.

  4. How much do you want to bet that everyone at Apple who tested these things wear skinny jeans, so they couldn’t put it in their pockets if they wanted to. Now, I’d never put a phone in my rear pocket. I’m assuming these phones were sat upon. I can’t imagine even the force of skinny jeans and a front pocket could cause this.

    1. You’re underestimating the gross stupidity of a modern day hipster. They pull this kind of shit on a daily basis and rich dad takes care of it all. He even pays for the sleeve tattoos.

        1. Please don’t be so PC and a nagging speech cop. First amendment is intended to allow unpopular and harmless generalizations. Go stop unwanted pregnancies, much more useful to society and taxpayer wallets.

            1. Right, the U.S. Constitution protects people from the government. I heard Rush Limbaugh say that today. But here at sites like MDN, people leaving comments are unprotected; they are at the mercy of web site moderators, who may enact frivolous exclusionary policies to refine the conversations to their liking. Time was, MDN’s obvious Laissez-faire economics extended to commentary, and we were left alone to rant and rave. That changed this year and comment threads have been eviscerated according to filter bot whims. That is why some days past, threads are incomprehensible. Other sites nuke the whole post or all its comments, but MDN likes to pick cherries.

            2. Stick around. The nerds and stock traders will linger around MDN and similar websites. But the future lies with expert blogs, which are increasingly being mined by mainstream media for actual trends and breaking news. In fact, I predict that they will replace mainstream media within ten years, and good riddance to poor company. My own blog will not be about technical specifications, but about meaning. In a philosophical sense. That, and fashion. Don’t laugh.

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