Why I might return Apple’s enormous iPhone 6 Plus

“As I stood in line at my local AT&T store Friday morning, preparing to plunk down $399 on Apple’s next big thing, a fear crept into my thoughts: What if the iPhone 6 Plus is too big to fit into my pants pocket? Am I going to have to start carrying a purse?” Will Oremus writes for Slate.

“As it turned out, however, I had no problem sliding the iPhone 6 Plus into the pockets of my Uniqlo chinos. One of my colleagues, whose sartorial taste skews toward elfin hipster jeans, had somewhat more difficulty when he tried my new phone on for size. I’m guessing he’ll opt for a smaller version,” Oremus writes. “Yet just as I began to rejoice that I hadn’t wasted my money on a phone I couldn’t carry, a different drawback became apparent: There’s no easy way to use the device with just one hand.”

“While the double-tap feature makes it relatively easy to reach the top of the screen, it remains a struggle to reach the sides without dropping the device altogether. Two of the people to whom I briefly loaned the phone managed to fumble it within the first 30 seconds,” Oremus writes. “I’m not ruling out the possibility that I’ll eventually grow dexterous enough with the 6 Plus that its virtues begin to overshadow its limitations. But at this point, I’m also not ruling out the possibility that I’ll be back in line at that same AT&T store within two weeks to exchange it for something more manageable.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is a cautionary tale of an iPhone 6 Plus owner who really wanted an iPhone 6. It’s also what return policies are for; quit yer bitchin’, Will, and go get your iPhone 6!


    1. eh… which android exactly has a 64 bit chip and 64 bit OS in them?

      When iPhone users look at Android users, it’s like Time Travel, you’re glimpsing the past….

          1. anyone that thinks to call himself coolfactor is well… kinda not so cool and not really worth listening to!

            Coolfactor – if your colorblind don’t get a job as a painter.

        1. the android OS is a Java mess due to the fact they rushed the changes to it when the iPhone came out, overlaying a touch interface over a Blackberry like KEYBOARD OS without rewriting it from the ground up. That’s why they often need 4 cores to compete.
          Internet search ‘Android Lag’ if you don’t believe me.

          Benchmarks used to rate iPhone and Android don’t tell the whole story as they try to keep the OS differences out concentrating on the processors (and often the tests don’t make use of 64 bit).

          Real users using day to day apps often find iPhone experience way smoother and more fluid (due not just to 64 bit but Apple’s optimization of the OS and hardware). Android OEMS using OFF THE SHELF OS designed by somebody else can NEVER get the optimizations Apple can where hardware and OS are designed in lockstep (this is so obvious yet android fans refuse to acknowledge it) The mindset of the OS hardware FRACTURE can be seen from the fact most android phones even relatively new ones don’t get OS updates , the Android OEMS don’t consider the OS as INTEGRAL to them!, if they think like THAT (the OS is somebody else’s problem) how can they optimize the hardware and OS? .

          There are two many advantages to 64 bit from malware protection (due to increase randomization ability) to use in the fingerprint sensor for me to write about here without going novel length.

    2. Joe has it backwards. It is Android that is behind what Apple is doing. Always has been. And the gap is getting bigger not smaller. Especially after the release of iPhone 6 and 6+.

    3. I guess you forget the iPhone was out a year and a half before Android made it’s appearance, copied from the iPhone. Apple could have had larger phones years ago but deliberately decided not to roll the way of cheap knock-off manufacturers in South Korea willing to glean any advantage they can, while they can. BUT, time’s run out and the Piper wants payment.

      1. No, you are wrong. Everyone is wrong. Apple could not have had larger screens on their phones until now.

        Everyone seems to have missed the most important statement made about the larger screens at the keynote when it was said “all apps look great, even the old ones.”

        It’s called resolution independence which requires high pixel counts and horsepower to make the old apps fit and look great on odd-size screens. Apple wasn’t able to do that till now, and they did it right.

        Samsung will never get this right. – oh wait, they already did it, and they did it crappy.

    4. You’re a dumbass and you have it backwards. Big flippin’ deal Android phones had larger screens first. If it wasn’t for Apple, Google and Samsung wouldn’t have an innovative company to COPY! Apple released a large iPhone, and I am going to love how it will totally trounce Samsung’s shitty phones.

      1. The large screen Androids used large screens as a marketing gimmick. They were far inferior to even Apple’s 3.5″ iPhone 4s screen in quality (fun fact: the “s” officially stands for successor). Now that Apple has even higher quality screens than before (look up the difference between Retina and Retina HD) in the larger sizes, Samsung is scared shitless, as you can tell by their absurd advertisement spending all over TV and YouTube, directly slamming Apple so it can continue to trick ignorant consumers. Well you know what, let the ignorant keep Samsung junk, who cares, more high quality stuff for us. I kind of like that Samsung sells junk to cheapskate consumers, keeps Apple innovating year after year so we have more to enjoy in the future.

    5. There is nothing more fun than listening to you fanbois backpedal. Apple makes a large phone, and since it is now branded a jesus phone, it is good. Disregard the years of bad mouthing large phones. Android was and still is light years ahead of Apple in the innovation front. IOS is only just now getting custom keyboards, pffft. Maybe in 5 years time, Apple will let you customize your lock screen. Funny that even some Apple patents show cydia icons, even Apple itself can’t stand to use non jailbroken IOS.

  1. Got the iPhone 6 Plus delivered this morning in London, UK. Yes, it’s big – but to be honest after using it for a few hours it seems entirely natural.

    I’m loving the larger keyboard (I do not have huge hands, nor do I have the hands of a twelve year old) and the additional screen real estate is awesome.

    The only negative for me on Day One is that I think one looks a dork holding such a large phone up to one’s head … But that is not a problem exclusive to iPhone 6 Plus, it’s true of any larger device.

    I have skinny hipster jeans, but it fits fine in my jacket pocket 🙂

    1. Thing is, the screen is so good that apps need to be updated. Facebook text looks absolutely fuzzy. And gigantic. Other apps too.

      Back Buttons are often in the upper lefthand corner. After getting used to the double-tap to move the top down, I found myself intuitively giving a single-tap on the home button to go back. Weird. I think the 6 Plus will eventually spawn its own conventions with apps knowing when you have the Plus and making buttons easier to hit. Just a hunch.

  2. I find that if I need to, I can reach the top of the screen with one hand. This is of course a dexterity issue. With the addition of a bumper case or any kind of case, this actually might be easier to do. With the slim and slick surface, as it has now, a naked iPhone 6 Plus is an accident waiting to happen.

    I am currently going naked, as the case I ordered was delayed do to high demand. As soon as I get it I will feel more relaxed, and finally determine if the 6+ is going to work, long term. But I believe it will.

  3. So you are saying that you are not smart enough to go to an Apple store, try out both sizes, (actually three) and decide for yourself which is best for you?!?!?

    You think Apple should make that decision for you?

  4. I preordered a Plus and received it on Friday afternoon, on Saturday afternoon I was back at the ATT and downgraded to an iPhone 6, even though I was coming from an Android Phone with a 5.5″ screen, this phone is much larger and I feel more comfortable with a 6. I think a 5.1 or 5.2 might be perfect for a larger size or perhaps shrinking the bezel on the plus like they did with the iPad Air

  5. Did he not use his hands to assess “pocket compatibility”? Doesn’t say much about someone who buys an expensive thing based on pocket size rather than usability. It’s not like the size is a hidden IOS feature that only became apparent after he got home. If it smells like FUD, it must be FUD.

  6. The iPhone 6+ is a BIG phone … if you are coming from any previous generation iPhone. If you are migrating from Android to iOS it isn’t as big of a phone as some of these reviewers/journalists want you to believe.

    I have the Galaxy Note 2 and I am anxiously awaiting to be able to purchase my 6+. Since I’ve lived with the Note for the past 2 years, I know what I am getting into, and size will not be an issue. I use my Note regularly with one hand and I expect to be able to do so with the 6+, and I do not have large hands that enable me to do so. I’ve just grow accustomed to adequately operating a device of this size. Incidentally, I actually find myself using my iPhone 5 with two hands more than the my Note, due to the smaller keyboard and lack of Swype on iOS, which now has thankfully been corrected with iOS 8.

    While I was in Best Buy, purchasing 2 new iPhone 6 golds, I had the fortune of being able to handle a demo unit of the 6+, untethered by the typical security chain that normally hampers your ability to get a clean sense of how a phone will feel and fit in your hand. I have to say that I was more than pleasantly surprised. I found it fit better than the Note due to is thinness, rounded corners, and the fact that it is longer and skinnier than the Note 2.

    People in the Android universe have been regularly handling devices of 4.3″, 4.7″, 5.0″ and above. Going from a 4.7″ to 5.0″ device to a 5.5″ inch device isn’t as jarring as going from 4.0″ straight to 5.5″. Matter of fact, living with that 4.7″ or 5.0″ device may have already made you realize that is all you can really handle. Since you have the frame of reference, you don’t really feel compelled to make the jump to 5.5″.

    Overall, I wish the general whining about the size of the iPhone 6+ would just go away. The phone is magnificent and it’s a shame that it’s release is being marred (slightly and in my opinion) by so many “whine pieces” from journalists/bloggers who probably should have initially chose the 6 instead.

  7. Hey Oremus, you girlyman, you just take that big phone back and get yourself something you can handle. The plus was made for us Magnum men, if you know what I mean and not for wussies like you. Hussle down to the Apple Store and they will sell your big one in a heartbeat to a real man.

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