No, you cannot charge your iPhone 6/Plus in a microwave oven

“A fake advert has circulating on Twitter claiming that users of iOS 8 can charge their iPhones by putting them in the microwave, has been spotted as an obvious hoax,” Callum Paton reports for The Independent. “The so-called ‘Wave’ technology is touted as Apple’s ‘latest and greatest addition to iOS8’ and supposedly allows devices to be charged wirelessly though microwave frequencies.”

“Crudely imitating the look of other Apple informative ads, the hoax purports that the Wave will ‘become automatically activated with your update to iOS’ and says the devices will become fully charged in a minute and half using ‘new drivers that interface with your device’s radio-baesband,'” Paton reports. “It jokingly warns ’60 seconds at 700w or 70 seconds at 800w. Do not Wave-charge for over 300 seconds.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Duh. Everyone knows only non-Apple phones can be charged that way.*

*Joke. Do not microwave your phone. Do not buy non-Apple smartphones, tablets, portable media player, or personal computers. Do not eat iPod shuffle.

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  1. Wonder if this is from the same people that made a fake commercial when iOS 7 came out. They claimed that iOS 7 made your iPhone waterproof.

    Amazing how many low IQ people there are out there.

    1. Aren’t microwaves out of the budget of the Hee Haw demographic?

      “Wrap your iPhone in foil and put in on top of your engine block, and on your drive over to Auntie Mae’s house, your iPhone will be all charged up nice and good now, y’hear?”


  2. I am a long-time Apple user, but I wish they would implement Samsung’s “CompressionTech” recharging system, which uses pressure to excite Lithium molecules in their most advanced batteries. How many times I wished that I could quickly recharge my phone by placing it under a car tire or chair leg, or in my shop vise during electrical outages for several minutes. Clearly, Samsung is the true innovator.

    1. I wouldn’t put it past some inventor to come up with an extemely ruggedized case with pizoelectric components to charge a smartphone. 😛 As for microwaves charging smartphones, if you can create a charger/case that will shield your phone while at the same time converting/transforming the microwaves to a suitable electric charge it might actually sound crazy but become possible. Microwaves in small amounts already occurs in nature via evaporation of water so (tongue in cheek) you might be able to use such a device to ‘wirelessly’ charge your phone while sitting next to a lake. 😀

    2. I think Samsung’s new Fuel Cell technology is the real innovation. You know, the one where you can power your New Samsung Galaxy P phone or Tablet for an entire month by the breakdown by-products of Uric Acid by merely urinating in either the headphone hole or the miniUSB port? I hear they discovered it’s easier for their male customers to charge their devices than their female customers due to the “nature” of the anatomy, but they are going to release the mobile devices with appropriately shaped disposable Samsung funnels (at a reasonable price to be disclosed later) for the girls to be able to charge their devices as easily as the boys. Now, that’s true innovation for you, and it’s GREEN, too!

  3. All you need to do is throw your Samsung device against a hard surface and watch as its patented solid-state Kinetic Transformation technology instantly converts the energy of motion into electrical energy to charge the battery. According to independent lab tests, most users can expect to get about 20 minutes of calling time per impact.

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