Desperate Microsoft, Google, Samsung on an Apple-bashing advertising spree

“This weekend I spent some time watching college football and some of the NFL,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “I always find it fascinating to see who is spending big bucks to advertise in this expensive sports-drama space”

“This weekend I saw a few commercials for the Surface Pro 3… One Samsung ad explained how the iPhone 6 Plus 5.5″ screen is no big deal because Samsung had such a device in 2012. And then there was the Google Now commercial, where Google’s digital personal assistant is asked how long Kuala bears sleep (up to 18 hours according to Google Now — if you’re curious),” Reschke writes. “What is similar between all these ads is that they are all contrasting their products and services against Apple products and services… all three companies are saying the same thing, ‘Me too! Me too!'”

“What these ads all miss, is in all three areas, ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones, they fail to truly give a reason to buy their product instead of Apple’s. If I were to follow Microsoft, Samsung and Google’s recommendations, I’d have three different vendors to deal with — and three different ways of doing things, with no seamless integration at the fundamental level,” Reschke writes. “Eventually I would run into some particular thing each of them has executed differently and therefore conflicts arise. When I stick with Apple, I get the one thing that none of these companies can deliver: 100% integration.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of outmoded wannabes’ desperation!


    1. They’re all running scared. They thought the Apple machine would shut down when Steve died and it frightens them to think that the company might actually be stronger than ever.

    2. I don’t know if it’s related, but I got an offer for double rewards points for two weeks on a PayPal credit card I never use. 6 points per dollar on gas for my weekend backpacking trip. Thanks, I’ll take it. Maybe they want me to buy my iPhone 6 on them,😬.

  1. It’s all Apple’s fault, not the other companies. Tim Cook and the rest of the company need to go to church and confess their sins. *note the intense, seething sarcasm*

  2. A long time ago most people stopped buying consumer tech based on speeds and specs but like cars, clothes and candy they are moved to buy via emotion. Apple gets that and is reflected in its adverts. The others don’t and there ads reflect so. Sure people may be looking for one feature or set of features, but not in TV advertising.

        1. You know, I didn’t see that movie, so I don’t quite get it. But I did see Jeff Bridges in Starman, and was mightily impressed. With the body. Of work, I mean.

          As for Kahlua, one of my nieces and I savoured that nectar together in a rare confab. It led to interesting discoveries. I want to write about them sometime. I am planning a new blog and hope to invite male provocateurs. Counterpoint accents fashion.

  3. Tim needs to star in a commercial.

    Just Tim. Standing in front of a white background.

    And he says:

    “Thanks to all of our competitors who are frantically advertising their products by pitting them against Apple’s products. The common thread across all of those commercials is this: Apple is the one to beat. Apple has set the mark. Apple is top dog.

    Visit your nearest wireless provider, Apple store, or to find out why.”

    Go ahead and pay for the next 15 seconds of silent video of Tim walking out of the frame, and fade to the Apple logo. That’ll be time for what he just said to sink in. No need driving the point home any further.

    1. Cute idea, but bad advertising.

      When you are #1, you never, ever refer to your competition in an ad – print or electronic. All it does is legitimize them.

      BTW, this is taught in the first week of any good college-level marketing course.

    1. Same here. Been using them for quite some time. Really like the clean results and I always find what I need. I make it a habit to click on the one add the have up from time to time just so they can get paid …and stay in business.

      Thanks DDG.

      1. Me three. I love having DDG right in the address bar. Unlike Google, it’s not tracking everything I do. Unlike Bing, the first five results aren’t from stupid sites like and ehow, etc. DDG rocks!

  4. The Samsung Note 4 ad is especially bizarre.

    First off, it claims that the next big thing IS HERE. Yes, the iPhone 6 Plus IS HERE, but the Note 4 only started taking PRE-ORDERS last Friday … yes, the same day that the iPhone 6/6 Plus was actually released.

    The whole tone of the ad comes off as some smug junior high schooler who keeps saying “See, I told you so! I WAS FIRST!” while everyone rolls their eyes and collectively ignores him. So, the kid just keeps repeating himself louder and louder. I guess if Samsung wants to keep catering to the douchebag niche, they got the narrator, script, and overall look and feel just right.

    Then lastly, the ad doesn’t provide any real reason to choose the Note 4 over an iPhone 6 Plus. The stylus? The split screen (that doesn’t work with every app)? Really? Yeah, they’ve made 5″ phones since 2011. But, the first Dell phablets came out in 2010. Amazing what a bottomless marketing budget can do to message discipline.

    1. I’ve seen the ad a myriad of times, but had no idea they were trying to sell the Note 4 until your post. I must of mentally tuned-out after hearing the horribly smug voice-over and the “we were first” message. Lol, keep up the great marketing Samsuck.

  5. That is not going to stop people from buying iPhones. If anything it tells people that the iPhones are better than yours so people will likely buy more of them. Your bashing tells people that you are scared and that your phones don’t have much to offer. Keep it up, Apple is loving the record sales you are creating for them!

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