R.I.P. Apple iPod classic

“The original iPod music player debuted 13 years ago, in October 2001. It remained one of Apple’s core product categories over the years, despite declining sales and a world of listeners increasingly more reliant on streaming subscription services,” Nick Statt and Shara Tibken report for CNET. “Now, as Apple moves into larger-screen smartphones and wearable devices for our wrists with the unveiling of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch Tuesday, a standalone MP3 player has become too antiquated to keep alive.”

“When Apple’s online store came back online this afternoon at around 12:00 p.m. PT, the iPod classic — the company’s last touchscreen-less music player that first debuted in 2007 — was gone,” Statt and Tibken report. “It seems that even nostalgia cannot keep the once-flagship Apple product from a world of larger screens, diminishing storage needs, and music we subscribe to access instead of pay for. You will be missed, iPod classic, yet not forgotten.”

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MacDailyNews Take: R.I.P. iPod classic and venerable Click Wheel. You served Apple very, very well!

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    1. So this means you are a fan of the infamous 1991 album “U2”, by the indie band Negativland? I thought I was the only one who liked that! Seems odd that Apple would be using an obscure, copyright-infringing song to promote the new iPhone. Trying to appeal to anarchists, perhaps?

      1. Album? It was an EP, withdrawn because of unauthorised samples and the use of copyright infringing a/w.
        Can you point to what copyright infringing song Apple used for promotion?

  1. All this talk of diminished storage needs. My old 80gb iPod Classic is with me at all times. I need MORE storage space. I want my entire library with me. I have been holding out for years for iPod touch with 128gb.

    1. I think the next Touch will be introduced at a later date, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, like the current Touch, the capacity doubles the phone’s maximum to 256Gb.
      Which would contain my current iTunes library…

      1. It’s just another dumb Millenial. They always mix up the 90s with the 00s. Like how most people his age think the Americans illegally took over Hawaii in the 1900s when it really happened in 1898. Ignore him, is autism will heal itself, but the pain my people felt will never go away…

  2. I was personally hoping that Apple would update their iPod line especially their iPod touch today… Oh well… hopefully they will have a silent update from them soon.

  3. Just curious as to why I can’t seem to locate the “free” U2 album. It shows up on my iTtunes store as “purchased,” but it’s nowhere to be found in the library on any of my Macs, iPhone, or iPad. Help?

    1. If it is under “Purchased”, then you don’t need to do anything about it. Just click on any of the songs to play it. If you need to actually download it to your device, enable the “Show ‘iTunes in the Cloud’ purchases” in the preferences. If it is enabled and you still can’t see the new U2 album, disable it and re-enable it again.

  4. “the company’s last touchscreen-less music player”

    The iPod Shuffle is still for sale.
    It may not be a click wheel, but the controls are round. And no touch screen.

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