Tim Cook: We started Apple Watch after Steve Jobs’ passing

“ABC News has posted a new video teasing an exclusive look at Apple’s ‘historic’ announcement,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac.

“The special will air on ABC at 6:30 PM [local time today] and will be hosted by David Muir,” Beasley reports, “who the network says is the only network television anchor with an invitation to the press event.”

Beasley reports, “Muir will sit down with an executive such as CEO Tim Cook to discuss the event and the impact it will have on Apple’s future.”

A tease:


    1. Nice sentiment. But this ‘baton passing’ stuff is silly. It’s been ‘officially’ Tim Cook’s Apple for over two years now. Meanwhile, absolutely congratulations Tim and ALL of Apple! This is the most brilliant collection of Apple gear I’ve EVER seen!!! That watch. Oh that watch!

      [In spite of the crap streaming production quality, *grumble*].

  1. What is more apparent, is that iPhone 6 design was finalized after Jobs’ passing (unlike iPhone 5/5s, which was ready at the time of Jobs’ death). He would explode seeing the ugly rounded white stripes on the new design of Gold model.

      1. Uhhhh … the Apple Watch doesn’t look very much like any iPhone, 4 or other.

        Reading the article, and understanding most of it, is a good idea *before* commenting on the article.

        1. Dang. Hoist by my own, etc etc.

          One should likely also read comments before commenting on a comment, etc.

          And I did vote down my own previous comments before anyone else got a chance.

    1. That’s no big deal – what I immediately noticed was the camera not being flush with the back of the phone. *That* he might have exploded over.

      Obviously, they weren’t going to be able to cram an optical stabilizer into that thin of a case. I don’t mind it much, but it is a first for iPhone, having a part sticking out like that.

      1. Ture, but for most of the people who use a protecting cases like me, this won´t be an issue. In fact It might work better because some cases reflect a bit of light from the flash and this should correct it.

      2. Camera is much lesser sin, even Jobs himself has approved iPod touch design with slightly outstanding steel camera ring.

        And the issue is not optical stabilizer as iPhone 6 4.7″ model — ulike 5.5″ model — does not have it, and yet the metal ring still sticks out.

  2. You got that rite, Tim Cooks Early announcement party is in full swing. Timing Timing Timing. Tim is known for logistics but has lost his touch since getting the big job. I like the watch but unlike Tim and the other Apple executive my income has not gone up 1000% in the last 10 years (actually due to cost of living vs less than 1% razes)it has gone down 45%.

    1. don’t really know what you are getting at with your post, you’re mad at Cook (who is making $3 billion bucks or so in profit every month for Apple or three times Google ) is overpaid?

      his income if it had gone up 1000% seems in line as in 10 years the stock has gone up more than 1000%.

      aapl was $4 in 2004 and 98 today (post split adjusted)
      if you had put a few bucks into aapl 10 years ago you would have made about 24 for 1 dollar invested.
      10k invested would be worth 240 k now: so does Cook deserve his pay raise?

    2. How has Tim lost touch of logistics? Apple builds millions of complex products sold all over the world and does so with lower channel inventory than ever. Making this simple increases efficiency and Apple’s profitability. Tim is worth everything he is paid to do. No one is better suited to lead Apple into the future by knowing its past.

      1. Wall Street doesn’t like Tim Cook at all and I feel they think he’s either incompetent or a pushover. Tim Cook gets no respect from Wall Street. I’m pretty sure the stock went down because AppleWatch isn’t ready and Tim Cook didn’t deliver on time. Wall Street is very finicky about CEO’s. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are gods while they consider Tim Cook a wannabe. I guess that’s what happens when a person follows in some former living legend’s footsteps.

        I think Tim Cook is doing a fine job as well as any CEO out there and I hope he stays around for a long time.

        1. Bezos is a bozo. Puts out a worthless phone. Depends on the good graces of WS to keep the stock at $300 plus when based upon its earnings, its work less than $30. Apple will revolutionize payments. Android was too fragmented and insecure to have its NFC solution widely adopted. Disappointed, no updated Apple TV with game apps capability. Guess you can still use Air Play instead. Wanted an undated Mac Mini. Needed something to compete with the Intel NUCs. Anyway, I’n in for a 6 for my wife and a watch for me. My casio is FUGLY.

  3. What’s interesting about watching this clip, is how screen on Tim’s Apple Watch stays on the entire time. I’m sure it’s just a working prototype, but isn’t it supposed to only turn on when you flip your wrist?

  4. The original iPod mix eventually led to the iPod mini.

    I’m guessing there will be an Apple Watch equivalent, be it a wrist band or a button, sometime down the road to facilitate financial transactions.

    Tim Cook gets infrastructure.

  5. What I found of interest today were two things:

    1. Apple managed to keep Apple Watch’s design from being leaked. The effort the company made to keep this secured from prying eyes is quite an achievement. My hunch is that the prototypes were made within Apple’s walls. Once this is released to manufacturing, the secrets would leak. And that is why Apple had to announce this in advance.

    2. Did you notice today that the venerable iPod Classic, the little music player that transformed Apple’s fortunes, has been quietly laid to rest? In addition, did you note that Apple’s two newest products, Pay and Watch, are missing something? You guessed right: The letter “i”.

    Things are indeed changing.

    I hope now the whiners, analysts and pundits will have a nice cup of STFU. Apple is doing just fine, thanks.

    1. Probably dropped the i because of trademark issues. Of course, some Chinese company will proclaim ownership of the Apple Watch trademark in China. Guess they will still make the iPods, just not worth updating at this point. Watch will more than offset rev decline.

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