Verizon offers free iPhone 6 in return for 2-year contract, used iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c or 5s in working condition

“Verizon Communications will give subscribers who trade in an old iPhone a free iPhone 6 in exchange for a two-year contract, the country’s largest wireless carrier announced hours after Apple Inc unveiled the widely anticipated device,” Marina Lopes reports for Reuters.

“Customers who trade in an iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c or 5s in working condition will receive a $200 gift card to pre-order the 16-gigabyte version of the newer model, Verizon said in a statement,” Lopes reports. “The offer does not apply to Apple’s other new phone, the larger iPhone 6 Plus.”

“As the market for new smartphone customers shrinks, carriers have been competing aggressively for subscribers, slashing prices and engaging in creative promotions to poach each others’ customers,” Lopes reports. “On Monday, T-Mobile announced it would beat any other major carriers’ trade-in rates and give customers a $50 credit as well.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “AdMan” for the heads up.]


  1. Well that blows up all the talk about how the end of subsidies is going to kill the iPhone! In the end these carriers make a great deal of money off their iPhone users and will continue to do anything and everything to keep or bring them into the fold. After all, nobody wants to be the first in line to kill the Golden Goose! At least not while she’s still laying Golden Eggs!

  2. From the full article; “Analysts say that by making the cost of devices more transparent, equipment financing plans make expensive handsets like the iPhone less appealing. ”

    WHO exactly are these ANALysts who say the iPhone is ‘less appealing’? Are they complete & total MORONS?

    WHO PAYS these ANALysts to say such ill-informed, idiotic, arse-backwards ‘observations’?

    I can’t imagine who’s stupid enough to pay uninformed morons to spew out their hindsides…

    1. I noticed that as well. Last year when I traded in my daughter’s iP4s for my new iP5s Verizon gave me $200 on the spot for the trade-in, just took it off the bottom line of the new iP5s 32Gb. When I saw “gift card” I decided to just let Gazelle have the iP5 trade-in this year.

      1. Might want to check the rates with I’ve used them in the past for repairs and they are AWESOME. Decent price and they came to me. I checked the offer on my current phone (5c 16gb on VZW) and they offered more than gazelle by about $30. VZ can keep there 200 trade in since I want the 6 plus and the 64gb model

    1. I call that technique “cascading” … I get the new Apple product, my daughter gets last years model. That way I always have an upgrade available in September.

      The biggest cascade I have going is for my Mac – I get a new Mac, daughter gets my old Mac, my Mom gets my daughter’s old Mac, my sister-in-law’s sister gets my Mom’s old Mac, my Mom’s old Mac becomes the media server for my house, then the media server gets sold on Craigslist (usually for about $500).

  3. I’m on AT&T and right now, I would have to pay $449 for an iPhone 6 unless I wait until October. If I’m going to pay that much, I might as well pay the full price and do without the contract altogether. I’m fine waiting though, and I will not get on their “Next” plan. I don’t need my montly AT&T payments to increase.

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