Trade-in volume signals tremendous pent-up demand for larger-screen Apple iPhone

“Apple will have a ‘tremendous’ opening for the iPhone 6, buyback vendors said today, basing their predictions on activity so far by consumers locking in prices for their old smartphones,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld “‘There’s tremendous pent-up demand for a larger-screen iPhone,’ said Jeff Trachsel, chief marketing officer at NextWorth, a Billerica, Mass.-based company that buys used consumer electronics devices, including tens of thousands of iPhones each year, and resells them domestically or overseas.”

“Trachsel and others based their opinions on an increase this week in the number of quote requests for used iPhones. ‘We’ve seen a lift of about 350% from the baseline this week,’ said Trachsel, referring to quote volume since Monday compared to the average of the month prior to that. ‘That’s up from a lift of 182% last year, or almost two times the acceleration,'” Keizer reports. “Boston-based Gazelle has seen a similar boom in quote volumes. ‘We’ve seen a 50% increase compared to 2013,’ said Alyssa Voorhis, a senior tech analyst at Gazelle, in an interview.”

“Voorhis also cited a recent survey commissioned by Gazelle to back up her contention that the new iPhone would be a hit,” Keizer reports. “‘Forty-six percent of all smartphone owners want an iPhone 6, and they’re particularly interested because of the larger screen, even though they haven’t seen it yet, only bits and pieces of [leaked] components,”‘ Voorhis said. Another 21% said they were undecided, but she suspected that many of those were only waiting for confirmation of the rumors.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. This is so funny! The Apple bashing of larger scale phones was simply unbearable and now Apple fans are all hot and bothered about lining up to buys just that… a Phablet iPhone! hehehe.

    1. We’re lining up to buy the 4.7 inch iPhone, which is far from a phablet.

      The 5.5 inch version is going to suck balls and sell in very limited quantities by comparison.

    2. Why is it funny? Based on a relative few voices seen online? How do you know how many Apples fans were really wishing for a larger phone for many years now? Don’t paint all Apple phones users with the same brush as tempting and convenient as that may be to the clueless. People who are “hot and bothered” now have probably always been so.

      It’s takes very little to amuse the feeble minded apparently.

    3. I’ve always been against a larger-than-4″ iPhone. However, my thumbs are so large I keep typing the wrong keys on the tiny (in portrait mode) keyboard on the screen. So I’m softening to the idea of a 4.7″ iPhone if I can get larger keys on the keyboard.

    4. Such insight, Jim!
      Actually, that was sarcasm. Your post is about on a level with “You’re mommy’s ugly” or “You were glasses, hahaha.” You’re how old?

  2. Yes, but it will not be just any clunky large-screen phone. It will be Apple’s well-thought out, well-designed, kick-ass, elegant, large-screen phone. Some of the rumored details sound quite attractive and represent features that were not feasible even just a short time ago. Just like anyone else, there is no reason why Apple fans should not be able to change their minds.

  3. Forty-six percent of ALL smartphone owners want the 6 and another twenty-one percent are sitting on the fence worldwide, or just in the U.S? Either-or this is incredibly bullish.

      1. So you think Gazelle and others are lying? What would be their motivation? I’m sure they do these studies to anticipate how many extra people they need to hire and train, how much extra equipment they need to purchase, how many new points of sale need to be established, etc. Why would they waste money?

  4. I always felt Apple should have offered the iPhone in both standard size and a larger display for those who wanted it just to keep their bases covered. It does look funny to see women with tiny faces holding some huge device to their heads. Other than that, consumers can use whatever they want as long as it doesn’t affect me. As an Apple shareholder I simply would like to see tens of millions of devices sold, no matter what size or shape they’re in (but I insist on those devices being of high-quality). I don’t want to see Apple selling cheap junk just to rack up sales.

  5. I passed on the last iPhone upgrade cycle as the skinny foo foo fonts, blizzard of white and small screens were literally hard on my 52 year old eyes. A year later, iOS has better options for toning down the look and the prospect of a larger display has me interested in a new iPhone.

    Not desiring a Phablet, but a larger screen would be nice.

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