Popularity of Apple’s Swift language expected to rise to even higher level in coming months

“Initial enthusiasm for Apple’s newly introduced Swift language appears to have died down somewhat, based on two monthly programming language popularity indexes,” Paul Krill reports for InfoWorld.

“The Tiobe Index for August had Swift dropping to its 23rd most-popular language; Swift was was ranked 16th in its first appearance in the index last month,” Krill reports. “In the PyPL Index of Language Popularity, Swift came in 11th place this month; it was slotted in the 10th spot in July. ‘I expect Swift to slow down a bit in popularity for a couple of months. This was just the initial hype,’ said Paul Jansen, managing director at Tiobe. ‘After that it will regain its popularity to an even higher level.'”

“Apple introduced Swift on June 2 at its annual World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco,” Krill reports. “The language has been positioned as platform for building OS X and iOS applications and features advanced capabilities such as generics and closures.”

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