Apple hires social media guru from Nike to create retail buzz

“After depending upon the natural enthusiasm of its devoted retail store fans for 13 years, Apple has hired a former Nike executive to head a six-person digital marketing team that will build communities, manage email marketing and spotlight the stores’ event and program content,” Gary Allen reports for ifoAppleStore. “The new hire dovetails with rumors that Apple will soon market wearable technology, and with a new openness demonstrated by CEO Tim Cook during last June’s Worldwide Developer Conference.”

“According to various sources, Musa Tariq assumed the position of Digital Marketing Director for the retail stores this week, and will report to Angela Ahrendts, Sr. VP retail/on-line stores,” Allen reports. “Tariq previously worked at Nike in a similar role and was credited with bringing all of the company’s digital marketing in-house. Before that he worked with Ahrendts at Burberry and successfully helped develop that company’s first digital marketing initiatives.”

“Apple has been historically and notoriously detached from the world of social media,” Allen reports. “Tim Cook is a recent exception to Apple’s disregard for social media. But his Twitter account debuted only last September after he visited the Palo Alto retail store. So far he’s posted 82 Tweets, mostly repeats of company press releases. Ahrendts also has a Twitter account, but just one of her 82 Tweets is devoted to the company, the grand opening of the Omotesando (Tokyo) retail store in June.”

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    1. Sounds exactly like my gramps who never understood why Wrigley Gum, big in his day, kept spending on PR cause they outsold all other gums by far. Possibly not familiar with social media in this post but it’s much more far reaching than stores. And Apple stores are usually packed? All 525+ worldwide? All online stores in like 40 countries?

  1. This is supposed to impress?

    Nike lost its mojo long ago. Despite a few old timers still clinging to waffle soles, many athletes have already moved on to more durable brands for shoes. Under Armor is positively destroying Nike in apparel. Nike hasn’t moved the world with its electronics — ipod attached or otherwise — either. Sounds more like Tariq is jumping off the USS Nike which, if not sinking, is definitely adrift.

    1. Adidas is catching up but Nike is still has the largest worldwide market share with Puma a distant third. Plus Nike dominates social media share at 54%. Your opinions don’t trump these facts and this was a very good get by Apple.

      1. ooooh … SOCIAL media. That must be the important kind of media. How many people do these huge corporations pay to blog positively about them and submit bogus product reviews?

        Endless talk and chatter on the internet is a meaningless statistic compared to actual PROFIT. What is the trend for Nike? Flat ever since its poster boys Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods fell out of grace due to their own stupidity. Mike is right on this one – Nike is overdue for a strategic reassessment.

  2. One area of PR that needs immediate attention is combating all the fear and lies reported by the financial media. Apple has been doing a somewhat better job compared to late 2012 and 2013 in regards to a couple day response (virtually none existed then), but when a negative story hits the market it seems many other news outlets pick up the story within a few hours and it becomes “fact”.

    Personally, I feel the recent attacks against Apple have been perpetrated by foreign influence. Bloomberg, CNBC, etc. should feel ashamed of themselves for helping to destroy a great American/global company. It is highly unethical and completely un-American that these organizations collude with the communists, especially in this time of world conflict. They should be hung for treason.

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