Apple’s iPhone 6 launch will be its biggest ever

“Apple will unveil the iPhone 6 in early September, and launch at least one version of it in the weeks following the keynote,” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “The company is said to have placed iPhone 6 orders amounting to 80 million units for 2014, which would make the iPhone 6’s launch the biggest in Apple history so far. A new report from Digitimes seems to indicate that the iPhone maker plans to sell a large number of handsets in the second half of the year, as the Taiwanese publication reveals that Apple suppliers in the region are doing quite well financially.”

Digitimes reports that at least three Apple suppliers posted increased revenues in July, and are expected to benefit from iPhone orders in the following months of the year,” Smith reports. “Chassis maker Catcher Technology has announced consolidated revenues of $155 million for July, 36.79% higher than during the same month last year, with the iPhone expected to be the main growth driver for the company. The company apparently entered Apple’s iPhone supply chain this year, grabbing an impressive 30% of chassis orders from the company.”

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  1. Dear Apple. Please take your time releasing iPhone 6. My contract with AT&T isn’t up until November and you KNOW how weak I am about buying your products fresh off the assembly line. 😉

  2. 80 million iPhone 6 for a quarter of the year plus a couple of weeks? That number sounds out-of-whack. It may well be the biggest sales ever for a new model, but 80 million is like 60% more than the highest quarter they’ve ever experienced (about 50 million). I hope they do set a record, but 80 million is an unrealistic expectation. That prior record quarter was about 15% higher than their previous all time high. Given the bigger numbers, even if it iPhone 6 sales in the 4th qtr are 15% bigger than their prior high, it would be sensational.

    1. That is why the greasiest capitalists believe religiously in the fantasy of endless growth. Real resource limits don’t even occur to them. But in the world of disposable/consumer products, it’s actually difficult _not_ to sell a “new record” amount of units to a growing population. Apple would have to screw up big time not to sell an increasing amount of phones every quarter.

      As much as MDN refuses to admit it, the long term health of the platform is strongly tied to market share. Thus some more pertinent questions are:
      – which phones are selling?
      – are the competitors accelerating their sales faster (i.e., what is the long term market share trend)?
      – what percentage of users are coming back with app and repeat unit sales?

      Apple is in the catbird seat on all these counts today, and we might safely assume that the next iPhone will continue the trend in the near term. Long term, it’s likely Apple will continue to struggle in emerging markets.

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