Apple’s deal with IBM is a strategic strike in a larger war

“Earlier this week, Apple and IBM struck a landmark deal wherein the two tech giants will, amongst other things, cooperate on creating apps and pushing iOS even further into the enterprise,” Yoni Heisler writes for TUAW.

“While there are folks out there underwhelmed by the deal, that’s not to say the deal itself lacks significance. Apple has historically lacked an enterprise focus, though this has changed considerably in recent years. The deal with IBM therefore represents just the latest step Apple is making towards getting iOS devices out and into as many hands as possible,” Heisler writes. “The recent IBM deal is simply Apple’s way of shoring up its attack on the enterprise front. So while the deal in and of itself won’t win the smartphone war, it’s certainly a smart play on Apple’s part as it can leverage IBM’s enterprise expertise to push iOS adoption to even greater heights.”

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  1. It’s high time that enterprise got more Apple.
    The hospital that I used to work in spent (wasted) hundreds of millions of dollars computerizing it’s operations and ended up with a dog of a system .
    there were thousands of work stations and each one cost 7 times the hardware cost at a retail outlet .The additional costs were allocated to service costs( no wonder IT departments love PC’s
    After all was said and done the system had very limited utility
    Meetings were interesting because the self employed ( i.e. doctors) all had iPhones and MacBook Airs which could not talk to the hospital system while the administrators , many of whom had a business background and really knew nothing about healthcare had Blackberry’s and PC laptops .
    It is very telling that the doctors who had to run offices and had to maintain Electronic Medical records outside the hospital; system chose Macs despite the fact that the IT dept banned them in the hospital .

  2. To me, this is not about Apple getting enterprise or enterprise opening to Apple. I keep seeing this repeated. It is missing the point.

    The point is – the future is in this direction, Apple is showing the way; IBM is seeing this. Its not about the platform or OS name, it is about the future being here now and two companies with the technology and vision to do it.

    Is that just a minor thing? NO! IT departments have long held companies’ creativity and productivity in hostage in the name of “security” and drained company resourses. In addition, people were tied to cubicals. Now they are free. Information goes where they go, mobility every minute of every day when needed. Freedom, creativity, productivity and security in mobility is what this is about and Apple saw it coming because they dreamed it and ironed out the wrinkles before delivering it (instead of listening to the “give it to me now and every 6 months pundits.”)

    1. Absolutely, the cost of space alone to accommodate desktops is frightening so as mobile devices expand and improve they will continue, indeed increasingly replace static systems thus reducing the required office space substantially. The future is headed to Apple and the IBM link quickens and solidifies their position and expands its scope to helping to promote iOS and defend it against the opposition.

  3. Steve Jobs said “…Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.”

    Pundits should try to understand Apple with this perspective. There is more to the Apple IBM deal than we can see.

    1. Pundits don’t give a damn. They’re just hoping Apple fails so they can say they were right. There’s nothing that Tim Cook can do that won’t be criticized by people who don’t have a clue about running a large business. It’s like they think Tim Cook has a cookie jar with suggestion slips and he just pulls one out from time to time to make a deal or decision without any due consideration. I personally don’t think investors like anything Apple does because nothing gets all that well received.

    1. I think Wall Street is simply taking the share price down before earnings so the share price doesn’t get out of hand and go over $100. Wall Street can’t let Apple get but so high and they’ve got to make the company look like it’s struggling for survival.

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