Rumored iPhone 6 battery design issue solved as Apple taps new supplier

“Apple and its major suppliers are working diligently in order to prepare the next-gen iPhone for prime time,” Mihai Matei reports for G 4 Games.

“Quite obviously, one of the most important hardware components of a smartphone is its battery, and sadly, earlier reports have indicated that Apple’s suppliers are struggling with overcoming certain manufacturing difficulties hindering the production of the iPhone 6′s batteries,” Matei reports. “The good news is that the iPhone 6 battery design bottleneck has been allegedly solved, as the Cupertino giant teamed up with a new supplier.”

“Reportedly, one of the main issues with iPhone 6′s battery is the fact that Apple intends on creating a light and extremely thin device. With not enough room to go by, battery suppliers have had a difficult time figuring out how they can provide a good enough battery for the next gen iPhone. Supposedly, one of Apple’s main suppliers – Dynapack (iPhone 5 battery supplier) – failed to deliver and has fallen off the radar,” Matei reports. “According to the Taiwanese media, Apple has now signed up with a new supplier which has already solved the battery design bottleneck. The supplier in question goes by the name of Simplo.”

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    1. Every major manufacturer has had fundamental engineering problems close to release, during release, and after release. It usually happens when the marketers and beancounters ignore the advice of the engineering team.

      But Apple doesn’t help itself when it is intent on making things absurdly thin, forcing 32-bit legacy devices onto an irreversable 64-bit OS “upgrade”, and adding unwanted tracking and streaming/advertising features that the user can’t easily turn off.

      Admit it folks, iPhone battery life is a serious issue that needs to be fixed for the next release.

      1. Perhaps they can look into using the ‘structural’ battery technology under development that makes metallic structural parts do double duty as the battery. (e.g. the metal casing of a mobile device becomes the rechargeable battery) Might as well for all those devices that are designed with non-user replaceable batteries.

      2. I agree battery life should be one of Apples primary focuses on the iPhone 6, it should have been for a good while now.

        It’s no excuse saying they want to keep a thin form factor. Others are producing thin phones and tablets with longer lasting batteries already.

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