Apple begins encrypting iCloud email sent between providers

“Last month Apple confirmed that it would soon beef up encryption for iCloud email following a report detailing security flaws in major email services,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“While Apple previously encrypted emails sent between its own iCloud customers, now the company has enabled encryption for emails in transit between services iCloud and third-party services for and email addresses,” Kahn reports. “The change is documented on Google’s transparency website that shows the percentage of emails encrypted in transit for both inbound and outbound email exchanges.”

Kahn reports, “The change is a welcomed one for users following several media reports noting that Apple was one of the last global email providers based in the US not providing encryption for email between providers. However, there are already reports that Apple’s method of encryption might not be as secure as security experts hoped.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. They just now thought of this? What took so long???

    For all the gushing on MDN about how perfect Apple is, this is one of the prime reasons why iCloud was simply not acceptable. It is still unacceptable due to other reasons that you would know if you read Apple’s fine print legalese. Very disappointing behavior from a company that used to stand head and shoulders about the competition in areas of security and privacy.

    1. I bet you see glass half empty in your life. Apple has room to improve in so many areas; no one is perfect. I for one I am very comfortable that Apple is not analyzing my emails and my profile and sell me out to vendors.

      Apple should continue to revamp its older services as well as they do with their hardware. I have noticed Apple has taken many steps to improve their services such as resources to maintain MAP, Radio, and I am sure more will follow.

      1. Have to confirm with the IT tech here, but we have used Enigmail and Valeso AutonomyCentral. I think there’s some newfangeld S/MIME package they’re testing now. GPGMail is still out there too.

        OS X offers way more encryption options than iOS ever will — probably because Apple is copying Google’s datamining + advertising business model with iOS. Apple DOES NOT guarantee privacy nor data integrity with its iCloud.

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