Apple iWatch to come in three models from 1.6- to 1.8 inches, source say

“According to the latest rumors, Apple will release not two, but three iWatch variants by the end of 2014,” Mihai Matei reports for G 4 Games.

“According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily, Apple will make the iWatch available in three main variants. The first one will pack a 1.6-inch display, while the second and third models will sport a 1.8-inch panel,” Matei reports. “Reportedly, the main difference between the two 1.8-inch units is that one of them will make use of sapphire glass for its display.”

“Tthe same source suggests that all three iWatches will be released in the third quarter of the year,” Matei reports. “All three iWatches… will make use of next-gen touch sensors supplied by none other than TPK. The new technology replaces indium tin oxide with silver nanowire ink, as the material in question much better conductive properties than its alternative. As such, by using silver nanowire-based touch films Apple will be able to fit its products with sapphire glass, without having to add extra sensors for accurately determining touch location. You should also know that silver nanowire films are flexible, which would allow Apple to use LG’s flexible OLED displays, [as] rumored not long ago.”

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    1. I’ve been saying there will be three models. Clearly there will be a very designer-looking version and a regular looking version. In each there will be a delicate, small-screened version and large screened version with x sensors, aluminum and gorilla glass, and a large version with x+y sensors, sapphire, and liquidmetal.

  1. Analysts want an iWatch to do everything a phone does yet don’t see the fundamental flaw in trying to fit all that into a sub 2″ screen when at the same time they insistent that Apple is doomed unless they release phones with much larger screen.

  2. Apple would not release any iWatch that did NOT have a sapphire display. WTF? Why would they waste resources dealing with designing around two different screen materials when one was inferior to the other? Maybe they’ll have an option with beige plastic cases as well.

    1. If I were looking to buy an iWatch, I would not purchase one that did not have a sapphire display. Watches are highly subject to damage, and a glass display would rapidly accumulate scratches.

      The more expensive (standard) watches use sapphire or, at least, quartz crystal for a reason.

    2. “Why would [Apple] waste resources dealing with designing around two different [items] when one was inferior to the other?”

      I don’t know. Why did Apple design the iPhone 5c?

  3. So are there going to be three models of iWatch, or no iWatch at all? I’m confused.

    Why can’t we just admit we have no idea. Oh yeah, clickbait.


  4. It will not be an iWatch unless it is tied to the Apple TV (watch a “screen.”)
    I believe Apple will continue the iP naming series by calling it the iPulse and marketing it as the center (pulse) of your “connectedness”. The pulse name will fit in with all the obvious health applications but also can be thought of being core to “the pulse (beat or Beats) of your daily life.” Many very moving commercials showing that theme will immediately follow its announcement.

  5. Another “G 4 Games” ( nonsensical rumor that makes some obscure company sound surprisingly interesting as for investment purposes? Anyone else wondering if this site is trying to game the stocks of those companies for profit?

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