Apple’s IBM alliance kills Google in the enterprise

“Apple and IBM jointly released a statement about their new plan this evening,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “If you want to read it, you can take a look here. Indeed, if you are involved in enterprise IT at any level you really should.”

“What’s interesting is the enterprise focus. Apple has always known it is not an enterprise company, but by teaming with IBM it is making the strongest bid yet for enterprise users,” Evans writes. “That’s not to say Apple is in a position of weakness in this partnership: its mobile devices are already in use at thousands of enterprise firms worldwide; its mobile devices are the most secure devices you can get and it is only Apple (of Apple and Android) that offers an operating system that’s suitably secure for enterprise users. (The only military grade Android distribution available was Samsung Knox, which has been discontinued and sold to Google).”

Evans writes, “There’s a couple of ways to see this: 1. Apple has advantages, IBM knows and wants as it prepares to combat Microsoft in enterprise infrastructure markets. Loser: Microsoft. 2. Apple and IBM will now offer a jointly-maintained platform for mobile enterprise users that Microsoft’s cloud-based services and solutions will be able to happily — and securely — play on. Loser: Google/Android.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This deal is positively thermonuclear. 🙂

Google will rue the day they decided to get greedy by working against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews, August 3, 2011

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MotivDev” for the heads up.]

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  1. Some thoughts from reading between the lines:

    The title uses “Forge” instead of more common “form” describing making this “exclusive partnership”
    Translation: We had to hammer this out. Others are not going to be able to imitate, and certainly not quickly. And not with the cachet of the IBM name.

    This will “transform enterprise mobility” like iPod transformed personal music, iPhone transformed the notion & practice of the smartphone, iPad transformed truly personal computing. A “New class of made-for-business apps” is going to unleash on business the kind of explosion seen in personal computing since the App Store opened. We’re not talking peanuts. They are firing the heaviest of guns. And – leaky new Apple, my ass – nary a rumor word of this development.

    Something called “Enterprise Mobility” (perhaps) exists today, but it is about to be radically transformed, so much so that it will not be recognizable at the end (again look to iPod/iPhone/iPad). Some may claim that the smartphone wars are over, but true mobility is just being formed, and we will dominate. Mobility will be labelled as a niche initially, but in the end it will be the norm. Think how corporate & office arrangements changed with the PC. Now imagine how they’ll change with mobility. And it will happen fast – 5 years to critical mass. This is the “new IT model” (freed from stagnation of Microsoft hegemony).

    Tucked away a bit: there will be a “productivity suite for all IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions”. This is a direct shot at Microsoft Office. Only one name could have the strength to do this, IBM. “You already trust IBM. Now trust them to replace Microsoft Office and manage your Apple devices at fleet-scale, on-site, 24/7, with leasing options (for acct).”
    Apple has just bought IBM’s greatest asset for a lot less than $190b (IBM market cap).

    1. Excellent take, and I like this solid observation, Nathan — ‘nary a rumour’ of this partnership. That may be less a testament to Apple’s secrecy, though, than to the incompetence of journalists today: I doubt that visits between Apple and IBM execs were conducted Watergate-style, with disguises and code names and midnight meetings in an underground parking garage. It really is a crying shame that press releases have become breaking news, whilst reporters dawdle over regurgitated rumours like poodles with their chew toys.

      1. Thanks for your kind words. I may have gone overboard on positive reading, but I entertained myself for a couple hours. Apple is not usually long on hyperbole, or at least, false hype. But they’ve had their failures, so we’ll just have to let time tell on this one.

        I usually can’t resist making a turn in words, so i can read your phrase as “regurgitating dawdling rumors”

  2. The timing of this is perfect because enterprise needs solutions and Microsoft has significantly fumbled the ball recently: Windows 8 is less than stellar, they discontinued support for XP, their CEO can’t articulate a clear and concise direction, they angered their partners by marketing their own hardware and they lost mobile, which is clearly the future. IBM and Apple hardware, services and support is the solution enterprise has been waiting for. This partnership is a game changer.

  3. going through a miserable windows outlook migration. It is costing as much per user as a new mac mini or iPad Air, but they get to keep their lousy old PCs… a lose, lose situation. And this is just because they have years of email and windows can’t handle it… there’s a guy fanning that email server and patching it with chicken wire and duct tape.

    Mircosoft is such a horrible drain on humanity… Apple/IBM will slay them.

    Google and Enterprise = failed experiment. Their offerings were perpetually buggy and support was lacking. Hidden control panels in google and bad interface = very mirosoftian.

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