Beleaguered BlackBerry hits new low as UK customers switch to Apple’s rather old iPhone 4

“UK phone trade-in website has lined up some bleak stats [for beleaguered BlackBerry],” Luis D. reports for PhoneArena.

“Basically, only ~8% of customers who traded an old BlackBerry phone for a new handset claimed loyalty to the brand, while the overwhelming majority of ~66% of customers has went the path of the iPhone,” Luis D. reports. “Another %7 are heading towards a new Samsung device. Adding insult to the injury, 42.1% of the website’s customers are trading a trusty old BlackBerry for the iPhone 4 – an aging device that Apple has now stopped updating.”

Luis D. reports, “Only 5.26% are switching to the latest iPhone 5S.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why the fork are they choosing the iPhone 4? Not even an iPhone 4s?! Perhaps because the trade-in value of their antique BlackBerry leaves them with precious little leeway and so they choose the least expensive route to iPhone nirvana?

The good news is that it seems they do know enough to strive for an iPhone vs. dooming themselves with another BlechBury or some fragmandroid iPhone wannabe. Their next iPhone will likely be a modern one.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Dan K.,” and “Porkchop” for the heads up.]


  1. Maybe the trade for the ol’ iPhone 4 is (artificially) popular, because this web site also pays “cash” for old iPhones. So they currently have a lot of used iPhone 4’s in their inventory, and the BlackBerry-ditching customer can get credit toward a good deal on a used iPhone 4 in the same transaction.

  2. Oh where? oh where? has Zunetang gone? Oh where? Oh where? can he BE? Xoom? MacBook Air to Surface Trade In come in … Over. Maybe Nokia should buy Microdung…. Which can then purchase Dingleberries remains. Good Lord, won’t they just die on the vine already.

  3. The current Blackberry Z10 series is actually quite decent, and is good especially for Corporate use. But the damage Blackberry’s incompetent management did to their brand, caused many companies to doubt their continuing stability, and that is primarily what led to the defection. It will take years to recover from, if ever.

  4. That’s a weird choice. The company must not have much money or something. Really doesn’t make sense as they have already limited themselves on using IOS7 as there latest IOS. The iPhone 4 can’t run IOS8. I think there CEO or accounting dept. wasn’t thinking when they made this choice.

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