Is Apple about to play the celebrity marketing game at a new, all-pro level?

“According to Mark Gurman, a young reporter at 9to5Mac who has broken more stories about Apple’s “iWatch” that the rest of the pack combined, Apple is teaming up with a raft of sports celebrities to test — and perhaps market — what the Street and the tech press expect will be Apple’s next big thing,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune.

“Gurman mentions in particular L.A. Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant, L.A. Kings right wing Dustin Brown and a player from the Boston Red Sox to be named later,” P.E.D. reports. “In a similar vein, Jimmy Iovine… knows a lot about cashing in on celebrity, something he did regularly at Beats, using exclusive tracks from the likes of Robin Thicke, Britney Spears and to promote his company’s brand.”

“Is Apple getting ready to play the celebrity game at a new un-Jobsian level?” P.E.D. wonders. “A game played for higher stakes, on TV and on billboards. The kind of game Iovine played in the music business and Angela Ahrendts played at Burberry.”

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    1. I’d rather see Apple take a risk with certain vetted, well-thought-out sports endorsements for a fitness product than another freaking “Chicken Fat” ad.


      1. Yes a calculated risk but then I think these days athletes and celebrities who fall out of grace aren’t quite the shock they used to be. People wouldn’t boycott Apple because we discovered Kobe Bryant shoots up heroin every night. (Which he doesn’t as far as I know.)

  1. Get an athlete to test an iWatch. Nobody saw that coming.

    Of course, a fat guy and a 95 year old woman would have been much better to show how great iWatches could perform.


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