Apple’s Angela Ahrendts posts personal blog

“Apple’s Angela Ahrendts has told of her ‘life-altering’ decision to quit the fashion world in her first public comments since starting as the tech giant’s retail chief,” Sky News reports.

In a personal blog post on her LinkedIn page, the 53-year-old American writes about the ‘exciting, challenging and sometimes disorienting’ start to a new job, less than two months after starting at Apple’s Cupertino, California, HQ,” Sky News reports. “Along with advice for anyone moving to a new business, she jokes: ‘Silicon Valley can feel like a country unto itself!'”

“‘At some point in your career, maybe you too have made the life-altering decision to start anew. If so, you know firsthand how exciting, challenging and sometimes disorienting the first 30, 60, 90 days can be. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately myself,'” Sky News reports. “She advises other new employees to ‘stay in your lane’ – meaning concentrate on using the skills you were hired for, rather than trying to master the unfamiliar elements of the job.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tim Cook’s Apple certainly is a great deal looser than was Steve Jobs’.

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    1. Tim “The Brain” Cook, will go down as one of the best CEOs in history. The longer the board keeps him, the better. He, Ive, and all of Apple are destined to do wonderful things together.

    2. like I said before:

      Google last quarter profit 3600 m
      HP 1200 m
      Amazon 108 m
      Neflix 50 m
      Pandora : Lost money
      HTC: Lost Money

      Apple Quarter Profit 10,200 million, i.e more than all those other tech companies listed COMBINED.

      Apple even made more money than Exxon with all the hundreds of oil wells

      Tim Cook the “Worst CEO” in history? You want to fire the guy who leads Apple to make 3 Billion Dollars A MONTH…
      Apple which has 150 BILLION in the bank more money than any other company … ?

      What $25 Mail Order Harvard did YOU graduate from?
      LOL. 🙂

      1. Dave,

        That phrase ” You can’t fix stupid” applies to Joe and Bot as it relates to TC and Apple, and probably more!

        So, paraphrasing that: “Stupid” wants to fire the fellow that is keeping Apple on a course that is making more money than all the other companies listed – combined!

        They (Joe and Bot) can’t see that; they only see their raging hate for TC who is not SJ, but still a money maker.

    3. Joe “The Fatuous Fathead” Blow, will go down as one of the worst MDN posters and prognosticators in history. The sooner that life fires him, the better. He and his brand of out of touch loony idiocy both need to go.

    4. I think Tim Cook is a very good CEO. Other posters are simply quoting profit numbers, but that’s not the whole picture; Microsoft was very profitable while selling dreck.

      Apple is wildly profitable, and continues to develop and release products that live on the cusp of revolutionary and evolutionary – revolutionary enough to excite, and evolutionary enough to be quickly grasped and adopted. Frankly, I think that this is the IDEAL state for Apple, and as long as TC can keep herding the cats I say keep him around.

      (Inadvertently reminded myself of the cartoon “Top Cat” with Tim’s initials, and “cat herding.” *chuckle*)

  1. Yep to MDN and Joe. By year end when the inexplicable hype over ordinary upgrades to the Mac and mobile OS’s, an unremarkable wrist gadget, and nothing more, maybe, just maybe the useless board of directors will begin to realize their company is in desperate need of new, inspired, and forward looking leadership. Maybe.

    1. apple has always been equally concerned with image, appearance, performance and function, however, to be in order of priority you would have to reverse the word order.

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