It’s time for Apple to buy DuckDuckGo

“Apple is in an outright war with Google and lawsuit wins against Samsung while helpful to the tune of a few hundred million dollars are great, to compete with Android the company must attack the very core of Google which is search. DuckDuckGo is the more secure alternative to Google Search. It isn’t as robust or as useful but at least the chairman of the company didn’t say that if you don’t want people to know what you are doing online, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place,” Rich Tehrani writes for TMCnet. “While Google spreads itself thinner and thinner, the opportunity may exist to take on their core competency.”

“In order to compete with Google, you need to at least think the way they do,” Tehrani writes. “Google does search amazingly well. In addition, they have been buying content like Zagat’s and scraping other content to keep searchers within the Google home page – not needing to go to particular websites for more detail.”

“Bing hasn’t been a strong counter to the company and Google is a monopoly for all practical purposes,” Tehrani writes. “For competitive reasons, Apple should be the number one choice as an acquirer of DuckDuckGo…”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you really want to wage thermonuclear war, wage thermonuclear war.

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    1. I installed the Duck-Duck-Go Safari extension a few weeks ago. I’d been relying on Yahoo up until then, but Yahoo delivers the same paid search results as Google. The author praises Google’s results, but maybe that’s because he’s never used a search application that returns only the most relevant results, and not results designed to sell you something. DDG doesn’t do paid placement of search results, so you get the most relevant results, and you can actually feel the difference. You’re in control of your results, not someone on the other end who’s selling your viewing experience. Go to Safari>Extensions and search for the Duck-Duck-Go extension. You’ll love it.

          1. You should be able to search via the URL bar at the top and it will just take you to DuckDuckGo instead of Google or whatever default you have.

          2. Jeffrey, you shouldn’t have to do anything. Once it’s installed DDG will be your default search engine. If you want to change some options or even disable it, look for it in Preferences>Extensions.

        1. –> There is a second DuckDuckGo extension called DuckDuckGoBar created by Victor Quinn:

          The last update was in 2010, but it works fine. It adds a DuckDuckGo search bar below the Safari toolbar.

          –> AND I also access DuckDuckGo searches using Glims, which you can check out here:

          I have provided a bunch of new Glims search parameters over at its MacUpdate page, including a couple for DuckDuckGo. Scan down the page’s comments and reviews to find them.

  1. Why _buy_ DuckDuckGo? Just encourage it’s use by making it default or something.

    But in any case be prepared for the massive PR fit that Groggle will throw, I hear they’re writing cheques already. It’ll make Maps press coverage seem almost trivial.

      1. I doubt they would sell, after making respect for user privacy a moral foundation of their offerings, knowing that any purchaser would have little compunction about dismantling those protections.

        Yes, it is widely believed that everyone has his price. Yet one wishes for the rare exception to this cruel axiom.

      2. This is already a problem since DuckDuckGo doesn’t do most of their own indexing. They use Yandex and Bing.

        If those (especially Bing) pulls the run DuckDuckGo is in trouble.

  2. If you haven’t tried DuckDuckGo yet, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised. It just got an overhaul with new features:

    DuckDuckGo does not track you nor does it filter bubble you the way Google does. I’d love to see Apple buy it and then make it the default search engine on all Apple products.

  3. If Apple truly wanted to injure Google, it would do this. However, I think Apple just wants Google to get out of Apple’s sandbox and go play in its own sandbox.

      1. They will never convince them to go, as Apple’s mobile “app based” strategy is already a threat to Google. To counter that is the reason that Google launched Android in the first place.

  4. Apple can only do this when there’s a viable, truly comparable, sticky option.

    Otherwise people will just switch back to Google.

    We’d quickly see headlines from stats showing 90% of iOS users switching back to Google and in people’s minds this would just make Google even stronger than they are now.

    1. But they can’t get any weaker without more competition, and I’ve been dreaming of apple search for a long long time, and will I will keep dreaming because this isn’t going to happen.

  5. Why?

    Does DuckDuckGo actually do anything search related better than Google? Seems like its only killer feature is that some people put naive trust in its security based on it not being run by a giant multinational corporation – how’s that supposed to work after it gets acquired by Apple?

    If Apple has a unique plan to do actually do search better than Google, what do they need DuckDuckGo for?

    Apple doesn’t just do things for the sake of revenge. If that’s what If Apple changed into that, it would be sad company with pathetic products.

      1. Excellent response!

        By cleverly implying I have a much better paying job than I really have, and deftly avoiding every point I actually made, you really showed me what’s what.

        I now have much to reconsider in light of your incisive rebuttal.

        Bravo, sir or madam, bravo!

  6. I wholeheartedly agree! DuckDuckGo has been my primary search engine (Bing is a backup). I tell everyone to use DuckDuckGo. Been pretty much successful in getting people to convert.

  7. I could be totally off base, but isn’t DDG just a way to use other search engines anonymously? Kind of like a man-in-the-middle they conduct the search for you and strip out all the ads and your identity.

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