Four ways Apple could have the ‘best’ product pipeline ever

“With over 15 years of hit products under Apple’s belt, it’s a bold statement indeed when one of it executives promises ‘the best product pipeline’ is still to come,” JP Mangalindan writes for Fortune. “But that’s exactly what Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue did on Wednesday at the Code Conference in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California.”

We’re not product maestros, but there are a few things Apple (AAPL) could do to make the rest of 2014 a stellar year:

• Bring iBeacon into the home in a big way.
• Release a huge Apple TV software update.
• More biometrics.
• Thinner, faster, more efficient devices across the board.

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  1. Or just make incremental upgrades to each of the existing products, as they’ve done in the past. Jobs and Shiller always say “This is the best ___________ we’ve ever built/shipped”. By definition, this year’s product pipeline could be considered the best ever. No other promise was made.

    On the other hand, I’d love to see them really bust things open with something(s) brand new.

    On the iWatch, consider this: Your phone is too bulky to use around the house for turning lights on and off, changing channels on the TV, changing music, operating appliances, etc. It won’t always be on your person, either, or where you can see or hear it (okay, maybe YOU, but what about everyone else?).

    But a watch with a display (say the size of the old nano’s, or perhaps smaller) and sufficient processing power to run multiple apps with NFC, BT and/or Wifi) and battery life of, say, 2 days, might be able to get even the most non-watch-wearing person interested again. After all, there are literally millions of people who never thought they’d carry a mobile phone constantly now unable to imagine life without one. A rectangular-shaped screen long-wise on the back of the wrist would probably quickly gain acceptance, even on slender wrists. Everyone else (Google, Pebble, etc.) keeps thinking of the traditional watch shape, and fails. Time for someone to turn things on their ear (side).

    Okay, I ramble.

    1. The TV is of intense interest to me. I have used the new gimmicks to control the television (motion, voice) but nothing beats picking up a remote and with the press of 1 button changing the channel or volume. I will be quite impressed if Apple can make this better.

      One method I have thought of is a full screen remote (tapered iPod Touch) that automatically turns on when moved or your hand is very near the screen. If I have to hit a home button and start an app it’s highly unlikely to be adopted.

    1. If Apple does banking then hopefully they have a plan to go crypto pretty quickly. The expansion of global infrastructure around Bitcoin is incredible. Its not ready for mainstream yet, but it has already enabled many kinds of new commerce and efficiencies, and it is speeding up related changes. Nothing is likely to stop that train now.

      So perhaps Apple will release a crypto Apple coin. They could start its valuation at 1 = 1 iPhone. (The will need to add a couple vertical lines through the apple.)

      1. Bit coin and other crypto-currencies are just one huge fraud or again another way for “libertarians” to NOT participate in society by paying their share of it’s cost. Egotism gone rampent. throw the lot of them in jail or the loony bin and lets finally be done with their kind. they can rock themselves to sleep reading other loonies works like that nut job sociopath Ayn Rand. Apple keep well away.

  2. I just want to be able to turn the bathroom fan off by screaming into my iWatch. I’m getting older and I’m always thinking about that crazy fan – it never stops.

    1. That would be awesome. We have two switches in the bathroom. One for the lights and one for the fan. Both are by the door, nowhere near the toilet, so when my poop stinks extraordinarily, I have to pinch and wipe, waddle across the room, and flick the switch… I would much prefer to holler into a $300 watch with a scale that also displays the stench level instead.

  3. None of the 4 items mention justify the title. First and foremost the iPhone 6 must be awesome and blow away the current competition in hardware and software. But that is just catchup in the phone category, it already has the best tablets, notebooks and desktops, so to match the title it has to break new ground in other areas too. I would like to see a full blown Apple TV, groundbreaking watch or something that will wow us like the iPod or iPhone did when they first came out. It has the resources, hopefully the talent but we are still waiting for 2014’s promised blockbuster performances.

  4. 1. Retina display macbook air with 1.5 day battery.
    2. new near field usb 4.0, no more cables because cables ARE weird.
    3. quantum entangled communication, no more wifi/4g.
    4. eye/trackpad control

  5. How can we expect revolutionary new products when the Macbook Air still doesn’t have a decent screen? They bumped the battery in it a little earlier this year – is that the “best” Eddy Cue meant?

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