Like MacBooks, iPhone 6 could have a glowing Apple logo on the back

“Take this with a grain of salt, but an Australian iPhone repair site with a proven history of leaking upcoming iPhone and iPad parts early has posted what they are claiming is our first look at the aluminum rear shell of the upcoming iPhone 6,” John Brownlee writes for Cult of Mac.

“MacFixit‘s part is ostensibly the rear shell of the next iPhone,” Brownlee writes. “Due out in September, the leaked shell confirms reports that the next iPhone will be much larger than its predecessors — 4.7-inches instead of 4-inches — and that it will be a return to the design of the original iPhone 2G, in that it will be completely enclosed in aluminum. But like the iPhone 5 series of phones, Apple is building two ‘windows’ into this shell so that the antenna can get a clear reception.”

Brownlee writes, “Also note that the Apple symbol on the back of the shell is completely clear. Could this imply a glow-in-the-dark Apple logo on the back of the next iPhone, like on the MacBook?”

Claimed Apple iPhone 6 rear casing
Claimed Apple iPhone 6 rear casing


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    1. If implemented the same way the MacBook does, there would not be an additional light panel. There would not be anything between the display and the rear casing to block light.

      1. It looks like an anti-scratch coating similar to the blue adhesive on stainless steel during manufacturing. You can see the actual phone color between the camera and flash openings.

      2. The green is purely an adhesive protective cover to prevent scratching during assembly.
        The illuminated logo is something I’m sure I remember being spoken about ages ago, using the screen backlight to illuminate a translucent insert in the back panel.
        If so, it’s a nice touch, and this could be legit, the main iPhone following the rounded corners of the 5C, but in alloy, like the original iPhone, which will be a nice device to hold in the hand.
        I’m getting quite excited about this, it’ll be my next upgrade!

    1. It could be stainless steel, or even Liquidmetal, but seeing as how the only bit of actual material showing is through the tiny opening in the protective coating around the camera and flash holes, it’s difficult to see how you could be so certain about the material.
      It’s a silvery metal, that’s as certain as I can be.
      It would be great if it was stainless steel, much more robust than aluminium.
      Liquidmetal would be perfect, though!

  1. If real, I think it’d just be for a glass insert, like with the aluminium backs of the iPads. Obviously you need to cut out a section in the metal to fit it.

  2. I think the Apple retail stores Apple Logo should “go to sleep” when stores are closed. Glowing Apple Logo that slowly dims to black, then slowly brights to white, repeat slowly until store opens next day where Apple Logo “wakes up” & become bright solid white.

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