What Apple might have planned for WWDC 2014

“It’s nearly time for Apple fans to see what the company has in store for developers: Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference takes place next week [Monday at 10am PT,” Kevin C. Tofel writes for Gigaom.

“What will the focus of that keynote be, and will there be any hints or launches of new hardware?” Tofel writes. “We don’t have to wait too long to find out, but here’s what I’m expecting, hoping and predicting Apple will show off.”

Covered in the full article:

• Like winter, OS X 10.10 is coming
• New iMacs likely, but not a new MacBook Air
• So long, iOS 7. It’s time to talk iOS 8
• To iWatch or not to iWatch
• A bigger iPhone now or later? Probably later, but…
• A head in the clouds
• One more thing (Apple TV software and/or hardware update)

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  1. It’s a developer conference, so about half of the keynote will no doubt be dedicated to the next versions of iOS and OS X. And it will start off with an overview of Apple recent accomplishments and “state of Apple” message, as usual.

    I think the “one more thing” will be iWatch. And that rumor a few days ago about it having a round face… It’s grown on me. That would be really cool and innovative (in the way Apple is TRULY innovative), if true. Whereas the other “smart watch” products are copying the iPhone (iOS) interface and making it smaller to fit a watch-sized square or rectangular screen, Apple can do something original with the iWatch interface, by making it “radial.” I would think of it as the ultimate evolution of the iPod’s click wheel interface, on a round touch screen. The user’s interaction with the watch face can be based on “circular” gestures. Apple may even have some patents on circular interfaces (related to the click wheel), that may prevent blatant copying.

    A round touch screen allows it to be viewed at ANY incremental orientation, with a two-finger “twist,” not just in the four ways possible with a square screen (like the old iPod nano). It would be ideal as a wristwatch, because people associate that shape with a “real” watch/clock. Yet, it would still be wide enough to display short text-based info, like a square of the same width. And the two sizes previously rumored makes more sense, if the dimension being measured is the diameter of a circle.

  2. My fantasy list:
    1) New 4k Cinema Display with USB3.0 and Thunderbolt 2 ports…please Apple take my money.
    2) New AppleTV that supports online games and 4k
    3) New MacBook Pro that supports 32G Ram and more SSD for the $.
    4) 802.11ac Aiport Express to extend the reach of my new shiny 802.11ac Airport Extreme
    Please Apple in the name if Jobs answer my prayers…

  3. Apple will announce things that will “blow our minds”. In addition to having minds blown. Some minds incredibly DON’T GET BLOWN. Mac’s may or may not be included in WWDC 14′ news. Apple additionally will or more likely, won’t introduce a new phone. Also, sure to be introduced is iOS8. We can expect to see an announcement on the new iWatch, but may not get an announcement on new iWatch anytime soon. The newest and greatest iThing may be delayed. There will no doubt be a Keynote though.

    1. Ok, I’ll let the cat out… They are introducing a new. Mac model where the entire computer is built into the keyboard, which will be the exact same size and thickness as the current Apple wireless keyboard. They are even calling it the Macintosh 64.

    1. It doesn’t need to be called a “one more thing.” It’s the announcement of something genuinely NEW. And the last time that happened was for iPad, January 2010, done by Steve Jobs.

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