“Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask Network, AOL, DuckDuckGo, and even Dogpile,” Mark Reschke writes for TGAAP. “Do we really need another search engine, especially since no one has proven they can touch Google’s dominance?”

“According to comScore Google’s February 2014 share of search was a very steady 67.5%, with Microsoft’s Bing search engine light years behind, holding onto 18.4%,” Reschke writes. “Yahoo! was the only other search provider to reach over 10%. Why would Apple ever choose to enter such a mature market? The only way to obtain market share is to steal from a competitor — a space Google is laser focused on never relinquishing.”

“In order for Apple to succeed in the search engine business, Apple’s version must work differently — in other words Apple’s search would need to leapfrog the competition, becoming a disruptive force that changes user behavior en mass,” Reschke writes. “And that is probably the only thing holding Apple back from entering this lucrative market.”

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