How Apple annihilates Android and crushes the stock market in 2015

“Apple looks as if it’s getting set to change the game (again) in myriad ways,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “”‘Smart Home’ aside, simply by overcoming one of the last remaining significant objections of smartphone owners, iPhone 6 will obliterate sales numbers leaving a bruised and battered Android in its wake. Upgrades from older model iPhones alone will lift Apple and do Android in… The floodgates open in waves as the upgrade cycles stagger. Apple could very well make 40 or 50 million iPhones sold in a quarter — it’s max to date — look small.”

“The proof will reside in Apple’s January 2015 earnings report that covers the 2014 holiday shopping season,” Pendola writes. “It has taken way too long, but Apple has finally regained its rightful place as the market’s go-to stock. As I consistently lamented over the last year or so, it’s beyond comprehension how companies with loads of serious question marks could outperform AAPL for all or parts of 2012 and 2013. But finally and thankfully — yes this still happens — rationality is in the process of prevailing.”

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  1. I find the stat about 40% of the main iPhone owners in the USA seem to still have iPhone 4 series phones at three large cell providers to be staggering for the pending upgrade cycle to the iPhone 6.

  2. The next new iPhone will be my wife’s iPhone. I will be getting her a new car this year with CarPlay in it and she will need the new smaller port on it. I am not sure when, but I may also upgrade her iPad later this year.

    I am looking forward to buying the many devices in my home that can be upgraded to the new Apple Smart Home standard. I own a Nest thermostat but now that Google owns Nest, it may be my last Nest device. Too bad! Great device with a disastrous parent company. I don’t want Google involved in any of the data from my home.

  3. I’m going to wait for the iPhone 6S – app developers will a whole year to transition to the new iPhone screen size, and Apple gets a year to work out the 1.0 kinks in the new iPhone design, before I jump in.

  4. As master on my family, I usually have the latest iPhone version. Sometimes my wife too. Previous versions goes to daughters. Older versions yet, to employees and other family members. All them on plain function ability. They last for years. Great value.

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