Removal of Dr. Dre video about Apple-Beats deal likely means acquisition is real and imminent

“There’s been much excitement about the idea that Apple is going to purchase Beats Electronics, the headphone and music streaming company started up by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine,” Tim Worstall writes for Forbes. “The purchase of a new brand to live under the Apple one is a little different. Still, that’s just the background. As my colleague Eric Mack has pointed out there was an unusual confirmation of the purchase in a video posted up from a music studio.”

“However, there is a small mystery as to why that video was smartly taken down off the internet again (although not quickly enough for someone to copy it and thus make it still available to us). Or, for those of us up to date with the way that the stock market works, there’s no mystery at all. Regulation FD means that it had to come down,” Worstall explains. “Regulation Fair Disclosure, Regulation FD or Reg FD to taste, dates from the turn of the millennium when the SEC insisted that information that could be considered to be material disclosure must happen on terms where it is released to all investors at the same time.”

“The usual method of disseminating such information is via a release to the SEC itself but it can be in the form of a general press release as well,” Worstall writes. “If there wasn’t a deal about to happen then perhaps the video wouldn’t have been taken down in order to avoid breaching Reg FD. That it did come down could be taken as an indication that there is a deal brewing as the FT has reported to us all. But we’ll have to wait for that general release of the full information to find out.”

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MacDailyNews Note: The video contains profanity and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW), depending on where you work:

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    1. You sure about that? They’re bringing in one of the co-founders of Death Row records, the guy who launched the careers of NWA, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Eminem and 50 Cent. If Apple doesn’t want the association then why buy the company and bring him on board?

      Perhaps this is exactly what they want.

      1. That’s exactly what they want–help in the development of the new MuthafukkaPhone, to be sold to hood rats everywhere so maybe they’ll stop stealing iPhones.

          1. You are right. He gave way to much credit to rap for intelligent content. It reality it is far more disgusting and sociopathic and mentally retarded than he indicated.

          2. Ignorant? You perhaps intended rude, offensive, or hurtful. I’d accept indelicate, harsh, or realistic. But ignorant? Nah. You sure you’re not lacking in awareness in this matter?

      2. If Apple wants to maximize their appeal to the younger generation, which they obviously want to do, this acquisition is an excellent move. Unfortunately, it is also another nail in the coffin of the Apple that Steve Jobs built. The new Apple will make just as much money, if not more, but the magic is gone.

    2. Actually Steve Jobs did many keynote presentations that ended with music’ sometimes by talentless idiots like Kanye West. Apple as a company is about excellent products. This acquisition is about acquiring a company that has as a goal the destruction of everything good about humanity through the sewage it spews into the World and pretends it is art. It is shit. And now Apple wants to buy the lead purveyor of Shit.

            1. No problem. Personally I hate rap music and how it pollutes the souls of those who consume. It is a variation on porn. Maybe worse. Pure garbage sold to bring humanity down.

            2. There are rap musicians whose obsessions aren’t denigration of living. I remember the band Blondie playing around with rap early on, while regretting that so much of it was indeed porn and abusive.

              I prefer hiphop and house. For me, house in particular has spawned some wonderful stuff around the world that still proliferates.

        1. Special Event, 9/7/2005 live event log:

          [2:09 PM] That ends the event, folks. Head on over to The Mac Observer for follow-up news.

          [2:06 PM] Note: the iPod nano does *not* have a camera in it.

          [2:01 PM] This likely the same way he will be performing it on the TV circuit in coming weeks.

          [2:00 PM] Shockingly, we’re going to hear “Gold Digger,” which includes the lyrics “I’m not saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke niggers,” but Kanye skipped the offending word. Jamie Foxx has a backing track on this song, but Mr. Foxx isn’t here with us today.

          [1:59 PM] Kanye is performing with a DJ, for those curious.

          [1:57 PM] “I remember when we had tapes…” he said, looking over at Steve and laughing. The audience laughed with him.

          [1:56 PM] Will it be “Gold Digger” he performs? It entered the charts at #1, and Steve said it is #1 at iTunes, too. Actually, he didn’t name the song, but that is Kanye West’s current hit.

          [1:56 PM] He thanked Steve Jobs for making his life easier with the iPod

          [1:55 PM] Kanye West is here to perform

    3. Well, buttoned-down HP has had an affiliation with Beats for years. I don’t think anyone thought less of HP for doing so – not for THAT reason. Business with money overlooks such things nowadays. Dré is a smart businessman, Apple needs to grow markets. I don’t like the Beats hardware, but it goes beyond that with Iovine on board. Much more.

      1. Apple used to take pride in saying, “we don’t make junk”. Now, Apple is spending $3 billion so it can brag that it makes the raunchiest junk in the music industry.

        1. Ever occurred to you *kent*, that what Apple have bought is Iovine’s music biz expertise, a streaming music service, and the means to bring in-house the manufacture of not only their own EarPods, but their own design headphones, to their own quality and specification.
          Or is that too difficult a concept for you to understand?

          1. No. Has it ever occurred to you, “Rorschach” that if this individual had so much expertise in doing streaming profitably the company would not be known as a “headphone” company. I very much anticipate when Iovine brings “curating” to the intricate and intellectual themes of Dr. Dre and his other artistic brethren.

        1. If using the word “shit” is your idea of how low humanity can go then you’ve got your head farther up your ass than I previously suspected.

            1. Really? Based on what because whatever you think about rap music, I doubt that Dr. Dre has done anything to warrant such a comment.

              Then again, I could be wrong, though I am curious as to what you base that on.

          1. Your comments and many others over the years are what I am talking about. That type of language may be the limit of your vocabulary and your idea of what constitutes high level language to discuss intellectual concepts and ideas but it is not mine.

            1. Question, Do you distinguish between blasphemy, obscenity, and scatology? It seems you might have a mild bias amongst these categories.

              Another thing, people use vulgar language to express strong feelings. True, some overuse it, and that is a pity, for it bleeds vitality from their message. But the ones who spice theirs sparingly are more finely understood.

              Another thing, such terminology is frequently employed as literate mockery. Different levels of irony can convey gradations of meaning to enrich the phraseology, much as the flavours are stacked in a confection like the napoleon. I expect many forum visitors would agree that salty language is very much a matter of taste.

            2. It’s fine to have a shtick, but for God’s sake come up with a personalised response to a post. Cutting and pasting the same damn thing marks you as the laziest sort of troll. You will get no respect for that

        2. Typing “shit” to describe rap music equates with being in the moral stratosphere compared to tracking down photos of female MDN commenters.
          That’s low…lower than snakeshit in a wagon track…

          …in Death Valley.

            1. If we’re making a pissing match, then I submit bacteria excrement in the bottom of the Kola Superdeep Borehole in Russia. Nyah!

      1. The hypocritical conservatives are out in force, showing their true colors. I personally can’t stand rap music, but I doubt that Apple is becoming the “rap tech company.” The nature of the complaints is irrational.

        1. The only time I was attacked with a gun was from a “gangsta rapper” type. The only time I was attacked with a glass bottle was from a gangsta rapper type. Both times minding my own business.

            1. This guy who lived near me was heavily influenced by the lyrics as he constantly recited them over and over. One day a friend of mine made fun of the music and the lyric reciter tried to kill him with an axe. So, in this instance the lyrics definitely influenced this nut job’s decision to try and commit murder.

              The guys that indiscriminately attacked me? They probably were influenced by Bach.

          1. Rap is still ahead of rants by rascists. Bigots are the scum of the earth who think they are smarter than anyone on the planet. the garbage they spew (hurting the feelings of decent people), is far worse than rap lyrics (bad enough as they are). How smart can you be when you can’t even tell your own skin colour!

            1. Rap is the most racist thing around. It hates everything not ghetto, including blacks who don’t want to be drugged out rapists. Rap hates women. Rap hates music. Rap hates virtue. Rap likes sluts and whores and killing people.

          2. The only time I was denied service in a store was by a white person. The only time I was given a ticket was by a white officer.
            SHUT UP YOU IGNORANT RACIST FOOL. We all experience negative events from PEOPLE. Only racists choose to frame it as racist. Rise above my friends! Rise above! There is good and bad in every color. Judge people on who they are and not what color they are!

            1. Actually only black people are able to claim racism. Blacks can evil call other blacks racists if they don’t like their political views. Or uncle Toms or oreo cookies. Blacks spend an awful lot of time calling anyone racist that doesn’t give them what they want. Generally. But whites are not allowed to call blacks racists no matter what they do. Just like blacks can call each other nigger all day long, and call their girlfriends bitch or ho and this is OK. Even cool. Because of rap music (sic).

        2. The only time in my life I was attacked with a gun was from a “gangsta rapper” type. The only time I was attacked with a glass bottle was from a gangsta rapper type. The first, driving down the road and the second walking down the street. Both times minding my own business.

    1. The mythical ‘King’s New Clothes’ were all the fashion rage, until he stepped out in public with them on.

      Homework: List all the celebrities over the last 10 years who crashed, burned and went to rehab. Apple is not a burnout.

    1. Maybe Tim’s trying to rid the world of it–yknow, like how Microsoft used to do when they had any money: buy a company, ruin it, and let it dry up and blow away.

      1. Finally, someone thinking outside the box and not standing in front of his mirror as he polishes his devastating retort to all the deluded fools who lack his sophistication and mastery of trends in technology.

    1. Enhanced brand equity, a new highly profitable revenue stream from products that Apple customers have embraced, a ready made subscription service that will strengthen their grip over the music marketplace and a partnership with two of the entertainment industry’s biggest media moguls. Not bad, really.

          1. I thought maybe you was a hater but you just another cranky old devil. Nobody wanna hear none of that old ass music. How bitches gonna get low to some Ella Fitzgerald? lmao

            botvinnik = no swag at all!!!!

            1. Idunno, I thin swaglessness might be something aspirational. You might be on to something here! (I agree wholeheartedly with the “Ella” statement vs. the current f&*$#^! b$&&#!#t that passes for m%$&#@!^%&*%g b!#$%!#s “music.”)

            2. Open discussions of this type are generally productive and educational. They would be a bit healthier if people were more polite: Electro is right. Thanks for the thought, I’m taking R&R with a friend 🙂

            3. So I defend free speech for people who comment here, and am mistaken for a supporter of gangsta rap? This is a subtle, multifaceted issue being torn to shreds by blinkered, one-dimensional reactards.

              Pardon my French Kiss.

            4. I miss my Nat Cole, Charley Pride and Johnny Mathis along with the Platters and Drifters. They were class. The appearance of this video shows how classless these guys are. They should learn to be humble. You don’t see Warren Buffet exclaiming “I just made a gazillion on that deal”

          2. The morons these days have no idea about Motown or any other type of quality music. I miss the ’60s when you had AM radio that played all genres of music on the same station. From the Beatles to Frank Sinatra, Smokey Robinson, The Beach Boys, The Supremes, Herb Alpert, the British invasion, etc. Sure was a lot more diverse and interesting.

            1. Yeah I’m sure you loved the 60’s. You want the colored water fountains back? Miss the days when young bucks were afraid to look you in the eye? We knew our place then: singing and dancing for pennies while some of those same entertainers you named had to piss in a cup between takes.

              No thanks. Fsck the 60’s. I’ll take the 2000’s. Black presidents, black billionaires. The only people nostalgic for the past are the Pat Buchanan types who reaped all of the benefits. Smokey Robinson damn sure doesn’t miss the 60’s.

            2. Why exactly would a love for the 60’s music equate to “colored water fountains” etc.

              The connection is in your mind. Think about that. Maybe that is the actual problem.

            3. What the hell are you babbling about and what was in my comment that equates to racism? I was referring to the quality of music that was generated in the ’60s. It sounds like either you have some psychological issues yourself or you’re a wannabe member of the Black Panthers.

            4. You want a station that plays that kind of diversity, you’ll only find it on a digital network in the UK, and on the Internet. BBC 6Music. Cerys Matthews, Howie Morgan, and other musicians are DJ’s who play a huge variety of stuff. I suggest you check it out. There’s a hard-core of listeners in Nova Scotia, apparently.

            1. @KingMel
              I never claimed to be a judge of character or a soldier of humanism but I value companionability. One life is our gift, not to be pissed away on abstractions.

      1. There is no better brand recognition then Apple. iTunes transformed the entire music industry and the iPhone is a cash cow for Apple.

        I never used the beats headphones but what I’ve read is an over priced mediocre product. I hope this is not a distract as it is certainly accuring close to the WWDC in June.

        Apple’s pipeline is only apparently only filled with dust these days.

        1. And imagine that product with Apple’s design, manufacture and audio expertise behind it. Apple have bought a company that makes headphones, Apple have relied on third-party manufacturers up to now, they have now procured the means to bring that in-house.
          Think on that for a while.

  1. One thing you’ve got to remember, guys, is that Apple acquisitions are almost always solutions to a problem. They want or need to do something and this company will somehow allow them to do it at a rapid pace. There’s already a game plan and Tim was convinced to sign off based on the vision that was painted for him, likely by Eddy Cue. It’s not some haphazard idea that sprung out of nowhere. So let’s just see where it goes while remaining optimistic about its potential for success.

    1. Just because there’s a plan doesn’t mean that everyone is happy with it. We are not all fanboys. The end doesn’t always justify the means. Class and character were synonymous with Apple. Looks like that just flew out the window.

  2. I think Apple buying Beats could be interesting, especially for the Beats streaming service and contracts. I have tested the Beats app and it has a lot of music; MUCH more than the first few years of iTunes. There is still a lot of missing material, but I’m sure they will add the aditional pieces in the future.

    Dr. Dre being an Apple executive is an entirely different situation. In my generation he is known for producing gangsta rap. This is the kind of music where the performers promote drug abuse, rape and murder. I know this is “just” music, but it has helped make being a thug a cool thang.

    Personally, I think Dre being on the executive team will bring some fresh ideas to the table, but for the millions of others in my generation that loathe “gangsta” anything there will be a backlash. As a result, there will be many lost device sales, but, on the other hand, there also will be many gangsta, hip-hop and Android types that will switch to Apple. The question is will Apple manager, Dr. Dre, be a net positive? – tough call.

  3. Maybe Apple could buy a Porn company that makes a lot of money and could use Porn to promote iPad and iPhones as being the cool way to view Porn. That could be a great follow up to this Beats purchase.

  4. All of you with your panties in a bunch need to watch Walt Mossberg’s interview with Jimmy Iovine about curation of music. Jimmy’s a visionary. He’s absolutely right. There’s an ocean of music out there and there’s no curation, no way to intelligently access it. My god, look at the iTunes store front page! It’s almost useless. I see Apple getting a leg up on solving this problem if they listen to Jimmy.

    Secondly, Apple has a cure for what’s wrong with Beats hardware, and more. How about we put an iPod INSIDE a set of Beats earphones? How about we put Apple technology and manufacturing quality into those headphones? The possibilities are unlimited.

  5. That it did come down could be taken as an indication that…

    …Dr. Dre HYPED THE DEAL and thereby POISONED the deal. Apple is not pleased. Nor should they be.

    Has anyone else figured out that this ‘deal’ so far is an
    ECHO E C H O e c h o
    CHAMBER C H A M B E R c h a m b e r
    OF O F o f
    HYPE? H Y P E ? h y p e ?

    I’m betting this egg is rotten inside. It ain’t no Fabergé. I hope Apple doesn’t buy it.

  6. I hope it’s a purchase to end Beats and to squash the competition. If it were a purchase to improve the audio quality of their hardware there are far better company’s to buy than Beats.

  7. It funny to see how comments quickly degenerated in overtly racial borderline racist comments. Many comments seem to be made by people who don’t really know what they are talking about. I constantly “Hiphop music encourages black people to do drugs, murder and rape.” No one ever says rock music encourages white people to eat heads of animals or that Christian music encourages Christians people to go on crusades or Techno music encourages Asians to go street racing.
    I am just seeing a lot of negative knee jerk reaction to this apparent acquisition and this reaction appears to racially motivated any way too many people.

    I personally have no idea what Apple is thinking or planning but I trust there is a plan probably something quite cunning. People are making such far fetched and crazy assumptions that Beats is going to take over Apple and run the place.

    Most people including MDN itself have said Beats is more a triumph of marketing over a quality product. Apple could perhaps put that marketing ability to work. Many have said in the past Apples marketing needs improving.

  8. Perhaps the video was yanked because it was a lying publicity stunt? I can only hope! The real Apple does not blow billions on a company. The real Apple leaves that kind of wasteful behavior to other companies like Microsoft, Google, etc.

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