“There are still many unknowns about Apple’s reported acquisition of headphone maker Beats Audio, but one thing is already certain,” Janko Roettgers writes for GigaOM. “The deal, if it goes through as reported, is going to be a game changer for digital music.”

“Twelve months from now, the digital music world is going to look very different. Instead of startups trying to convince consumers to spend $10 for music per month, it will be dominated by big companies trying to convince consumers to buy their devices and buy into their platforms,” Roettgers writes. “Digital music will become a value-add. It won’t exactly be free — licenses are still expensive — but it will increasingly be bundled with other products and services, and come with long-lasting promotional offers meant to convince you to buy phones, headphones, data plans, or in the case of Prime, all kinds of stuff.”

Roettgers writes, “The pioneers of digital music may finally see their vision of mass consumer services become a reality in the near future — but chances are that these very pioneers and their startups won’t be part of that future anymore.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For some unknown reason, we’ve got a strange craving for beets.

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