Rumored Beats deal shows Apple has finally woken up to reality or something

“Apple is just a consumer electronics company and has been so for quite a while now,” Philip Pearlman writes for Yahoo Finance. “Its days as a magical company are long over. The magic died two and a half years ago with Steve Jobs and now Apple is finally coming out of denial, acknowledging reality and giving itself the opportunity to move on to its next phase.”

“This is long overdue,” Pearlman writes. “The height of the denial culminated some months ago in the over-the-top fantastical and widely distributed iPad commercial complete with dreamy Robin Williams voice over that, while excruciatingly beautiful, seemed way out of touch with reality and the accelerating trend towards the commoditization of the tablet market.”

“So Apple, if the reports that it is close to buying Beats Electronics prove true, is finally pivoting; a long overdue move out of this denial and a coming to terms with what it is,” Pearlman writes. “Apple must play catch up and, despite its product flaws, Beats is a great choice. It has phenomenal brand recognition that the kids love. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are the tastemakers. This is why people spend so much on these products.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So much idiocy from so many chattering monkeys today. We overdosed on nonsense several hours ago.

Hey, it’s Friday and it’s five o’ clock somewhere: Somebody tap the keg already!


    1. Their CEO has the potential to revolutionize music sales. Their streaming service approach has the potential to revolutionize iTunes Radio.

      Apple is not going to just throw $3 billion at some second-rate headphones they could produce themselves. And I don’t believe that Apple is necessarily interested in buying a brand when their own brand is already just as strong (if not stronger).

      Apple is investing in the next big change in music distribution. No way they would spend that much money on something so … basic.

  1. Apple spending 3 Billion for the rights to the word “Bacon” and images of Bacon Strips is probably better money spent on this “Beats the heck out of me why” rumor or non rumor depending on who is talking about it this hour.

  2. There is a TON of money from the leeches and hogs that feed off the troughs of corporate acquisitions from lawyers to backs to “advisors (on taxes, human resources, corporate culture, PR etc) that no matter how stupid a deal is the hogs “push” everyone to close the deal so they can get their paydays. I am sorry to see Apple falling for this nonsense. Stupid acquisition. I expect this nonsense from Google, Faceobook or Amazon but really Mr. Cook I think you know better. You are getting nothing out of this deal but cheap plastic headphone and cheap plastic people.

    1. You just can’t stand to see a black man succeed can you? All of the criticism of this deal is just racism. These business professionals are just celebrating the success of their highly strategic deal. Please ignore the use of the “n” word – its alright they’ve paid their dues unlike everyone else.

      1. Oh, get over yourself and your racism accusations. I get so sick of people crying “racism” over any *perceived* slight or injustice.

        I used to work with a guy who did printer maintenance in our building. He got passed over for a promotion and was venting to me about how “the man” (or his white boss) was trying to “keep him down.” I bit my tongue and didn’t say what I probably should have…”you didn’t get the promotion because you never so any freakin’ work!” He was always coming over and talking toe and the other guys in my group…and other people, too. It’s no surprise he didn’t get a promotion….I’m actually surprised he didn’t get FIRED.

        Nice guy, and I likes him well enough on a personal level, but one of many examples I’ve seen where cries of “racism” were nothing but a bullshit excuse. Not saying racism doesn’t still exist, and that’s the shame of it…the lazy bastards using it as an excuse for their laziness are taking away from the people who actually *are* being victimized.

        1. Nobody cares about one experience you know of about a guy at your job. You talk in circles with “the lazy bastards using it as an excuse for their laziness are taking away from the people who actually *are* being victimized”, because whenever someone calls our racism there are people like you who automatically think it’s an excuse. I bet you never acknowledge when some in victimized, you always think it’s an excuse.

          Nice grammar with “I likes him well” by the way.

      2. i think you are the racist, as you brought the race issue up. im a shareholder – i only care about the color green, the green of money. this just seems like a waste of money – but even worse than that bad management decision (lets face it $3b to apple isnt alot) no hate to dr dre – good on him i say, he is a smart businessman and its not his fault apple are idiots.

  3. You’re right MDN. It’s lunacy. And the fanboys are latching on because they don’t know what else to do. And you’re right, we all tired of it several hours ago. But you keep posting the stories.

  4. Granted, who can do follow up after Steve Jobs. It’s a mega transition for any company, no matter how much preparation a great leader leaves behind. Nobody is in denial but transitions can break or make any situation. There’ll be mistakes, there’ll be decisions made too quickly or missed opportunities. Even lakers are going thru one right now. You can’t take away the legacy, accomplishments and all the hardwork put in and being put in as we speak. Yes, the head is no longer here but the heart is, pumping & very much alive. All this to say that, Apple has gained the image of a very smart company and entirely because of 1 man but as a whole. They’ll do just fine.

  5. Given the Feds penchant for hand-outs, iTunes Store Gift Cards could be the next benefit to join Social Security, Welfare, EBT, and Unemployment. Problem solved.

  6. Let me put this real simple…

    A premium Apple Beats iPhone package has a 62.5% margin – what does the press not freakin’ get about this?

    Spple BEATS!! I think it is a brilliant idea to own a company that makes a $300 accessory to the iPhone with a much higher profit margin – hello – this is a no brainer. $300 iPhone + $300 headphones = $600. iPhone has a 45% margin (approx) and Beats prob. has an 85% profit margin. As a package this pumps the iPhone/Headphone purchase to around 62.5%.

    1. Enough with the 62.5% margins! You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Nor the person who wrote the story that you are constantly quoting here today. Those margins don’t mean anything when rolled into Apple. Give it a rest. You’re way over your head. Take a nap.

      1. Do you ride the bus or take your lunch?

        How gud are you at math? I am not quoting someone’s story – I have priced out OEM on both Camera’s and Headphones and I know the profit margins. We know the iPhone margin for years now.

        Do you know how Tim Cook thinks?

        What do you not understand about Apple pricing whereby adding a $6 dollar memory chip twice boosts and iPhone selling price from $200 – $400. What do you not understand about adding $300 headphones to a 64GB iPhone raising Apples iPhone ASP by 50-100%.

        As for me I’d go with the $80 Grados, while Apple Beats pads my stock portfolio.

        Get some coffee buck-o

        1. The memory chip did not boost the price of the iPhone. Bucko. And you are really an idiot beyond compare if you believe that Apple is going to add $300 headphones to the 64 GB iPhone and raise its price 100%.

    2. Don’t waste your time on this forum with facts. These people can’t see past their whiteness. I don’t like beats earphones either. But, I think all this hate is because of Dr Dre and not the Beats earphones. Sometimes I think MND’s Editors contribute to this racially backwards thinking.

    3. the problem is beats wont be popular in 5 years. so i cant see the point of this purchase. the revenue from the company will add next to nothing to the bottom line. its like tim cook has run out of ideas. if they want a better streaming outlet but pandora.

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