Apple hires Nokia PureView camera expert

“Now that Nokia is out of the smartphone game, many of its key staff are undoubtedly considering their options,” Steve Dent reports for Engadget.

“Senior Lumia engineer Ari Partinen, who Nokia calls ‘(our) own camera expert’ has just made his choice,” Dent reports, “and it’s not Microsoft.”

MacDailyNews Take: An easier choice would be hard to find.

Dent reports, “He tweeted that he’ll be “starting a new chapter in Cupertino,” then confirmed that his new boss is indeed Tim Cook.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Should be able to build a great team to the next big thing with all these “free agents” available. Of course, I am sure they are not free…just using a sport analogy.

    Copying will get even harder for the opposing teams!

  2. What, MDN? After years of disparaging Nokia, now you’re lauding Apple’s choice to hire from the formerly great mobile phone manufacturer? The spin continues…..

    1. Either, you can not comprehend written english or you like to “verbalise” – attributing a damaging statement to another – which is an especially dishonest trait, let’s leave that to various police departments around the world.

      MDN weren’t “lauding” anyone, they proffered in good faith, that it was an extremely easy decision for Ari Partinen to accept a position of employment at Apple.

      When you want to ‘ave a go at someone, it’s important to get the fundamentals correct.

    2. Paul, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are asking an honest question and not trolling.

      MDN had repeatedly criticised business decisions of Nokia, but they have never disparaged the cameras on their phones, which are top notch. Only the total package. The man in question is in charge of the cameras that went into Nokia phones, so he would be a great asset to Apple who produces iPhones, iPods, and iPads along with Macs that all have cameras embedded. Anyone with skill in this area would be an asset.

  3. Apple has the best camera software and CPU to support it. However, Apple’s camera hardware is a careful and masterful compromise balancing size, power requirement and capability.
    I see no hypocrisy in MDN lauding Apple adding hardware talent. If(WHEN) Apple increases the size of the iPhone thus allowing more space for the camera and more battery capacity to power it, the inclusion of a larger sensor similar to the PureView sensor might be great evolutionary addition. .

  4. If Apple with it’s superior software can come up with a similar (read: highly improved) camera phone like Nokias 41mpx PureView then it’s not only bye bye to Samsung it’s also bye bye too all stand alone point-n-shoot cameras..iPhone 7 anybody?

  5. Ari Partinen is one of the two “head honchos” who started to work on the ground breaking monster beast camera for Nokia years ago. This guy is unknown to the general public but he really knows his stuff when it comes to mobile camera phones.

    Nokia and M$ now owning the related patents can become a problem tho, it will be interesting to see what approach Apple will take. Seems like a win-win situation both for Ari and Apple.

    1. Apple won’t compromise on protruding cameras so this guy seems to be perfect to help them achieve the performance, or near performance of the Nokia camera without the compromise of it in Nokia phones. A great steal which says a lot about done Nokia people’s attitude is to becoming Microsoft clones.

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