Microsoft offers cheaper subscription: Office 365 for one Mac and one iPad for $69/year

“Microsoft is launching a cheaper ‘Personal’ Office 365 subscription that will give you access to the cloud services and mobile apps for $69/year or $6.99/month opposed to the $99/year Home subscription,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“The new Personal subscription only provides access for one Mac (or PC) and iPad (or tablet) instead of the 5 PC or Macs and 5 tablets you get with a Home subscription,” Kahn reports. “You might want to hold off on the new subscription, however, as Amazon is currently selling the full Home subscription for just $63 (37% off).”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: No thanks. At this point, Microsoft would have to pay us $69/year just to bother launching an Office app, much less actually using one.

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  1. I find myself wondering where Microsoft will be earning it’s future profits from ?

    If Apple were forced into a corner where it had to reduce the prices of it’s core products to such an extent, Wall Street would go berserk, but they don’t seem overly concerned that Microsoft’s future revenue streams are drying up.

    1. Apple is finally getting them back (see Pirates of Silicon Valley, Jobs, et al) by taking Microsoft’s bread and butter, software, and making better competing products available for free. So now Microsoft is irrelevant, because it’s primary form of revenue is now found elsewhere for free and in better quality.

      1. And they certainly aren’t going anywhere with hardware either: just look at the Surface. I think xbox may be their only bet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some other company eventually buys out that part of them as the rest dies off.

    2. From existing and government approve monopoly from years ago. MS will continue to own the business world which really accounts for 90% of Windows works market monopoly.

      1. If you’ve been around the computer scene since the mid 1970’s you would have seen any number of invincible monopolies come and go. The surprising thing is just how fast the de-facto standard can vanish into obscurity.

        1. How many years has Microsoft surpassed these within the computer, business PC industry? MS really is still continuing to dominate. This allows them to blow billions upon billions in trying to dominate the consumer space. Any other company would have gone bankrupt with these losses.

  2. Still too much. I paid less than this for iWork on iPad and that includes free updates, and iWork is now free for new device owners, with no annual fee.

    Unless Microsoft has an amazing cloud integration, and offers a price cheaper than iWork (or might as well be free now), and drops the annual fee and includes free updates, they’ve screwed themselves.

    They waited so long that now they won’t even be able to recoup the costs of development.

    1. And if that’s not already the best example: I actually have a subscription to Office 365 I received for free from my school, and I never use it, and haven’t even bothered installing the iPad software. So good luck getting people to pay for something that I don’t even use when it’s completely free.

    1. My thought exactly. this reeks of desperation. They just launched it and they’re already offering lower prices.

      Soon you’ll be able to get subscription cards in the 2 for 1 bin at Walmart!

    2. I love making fun of MS just as much as the next guy, but I just ran into one of many Apple sillinesses too. I have a new MBP (yeah) and wanted to authorise this machine on iTunes. Without the current access to the previous computer, I could not de-authorise the previous one from the iTunes menu. So I went into the store, manage and all I could choose is de-authorise all. Now THAT is silly! Why not select 1 and de-authorise 1? As long as Apple does silly things like that, people will find reasons to avoid it.

      1. When it comes to iTunes Store and Mac App Store glitches, Apple does a face plant. Gawd help anyone who has to actually contact the WORTHLESS iTunes Store staff for help. Gawd help them!

        I’ve had to go direct to Apple Customer Support in Cupertino about the idiot staff at iTunes and App Store. And then nothing changed. They’re minimum wage worthy morons, including their management. OMFG.

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