When iPhoto isn’t enough: Four reasons to upgrade your software

“iPhoto is an excellent tool for basic photo management and editing, but if your library’s getting too big to handle or you need advanced editing options, it might be time to look into alternatives,” Theano Nikitas reports for Macworld.

” Adobe’s Lightroom and Apple’s Aperture provide better management and image tools, while Photoshop and Photoshop Elements can augment iPhoto’s basic editing software with more powerful options,” Nikitas reports. “If you’re starting to feel like your library is getting out of control, here are some of the best reasons to upgrade.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve been using Pixelmator daily for years now and highly recommend the application.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sarah” for the heads up.]

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  1. I’m another happy Pixelmator user. Since buying the app, I stopped upgrading Photoshop and now no longer use Photoshop at all.

    Pixelmator is very affordable and they treat their customers very fairly. I wish there were more companies that operated like they do.

    1. I, too, second that. I don’t use Pixelmator even close to daily but it does 90% of what Photoshop does for a pittance of the price. Plus, the developers are Mac diehards which means they won’t screw you over with delayed, crappy, half-assed releases like Micro$loth or Adobe.

  2. I like Photoshop CS6. It’s the final version of Photoshop that can be bought instead of just rented. I’ve been using it for a couple years, and plan to keep using it for many years to come. When Macs stop supporting it, I’ll probably switch to Pixelmator.

  3. Still on the 9-year-old Photoshop (and Illustrator) CS2 (!), which does everything I need and then some. (Also still on Snow Leopard, though I’ve got Mavericks on another partition and use that occasionally.) Like kayan, I’ll probably switch to Pixelmator or something similar when Photoshop no longer works or I have to switch to Mavericks or whatever comes after it full-time.

    1. Also enjoy keeping my older Macs around buzzing and running various versions of OSX and PS.

      PS 7, yes you read right, still runs great on my 17-inch 2003 Mac Laptop running Panther. My favorite eye candy Apple OS. Tiger running on a partition looks like a drab Microsoft, but better than flat iOS7.

      Like you, CS2 running on Snow Leopard my all-time favorite OSX. Apple screwed the pooch when they came out with Lion.

      Just purchased CS6 Suite from my brother. Need an OSX machine to put it on, any suggestions folks?

  4. One of the biggest problem I have with iPhoto is using the map to pinpoint my pictures, it is so hard to do. So I go to google maps, get the co ordinates, x,y longitude & latitude and put that on iPhoto to get an accurate pin point. Also when the pictures are selected and the apple map is opened big, the the pin cannot be moved to the right location, how stupid is that

  5. Aperture is totally worth the $80 upgrade from iPhoto. Lightroom may have some processing advantages, but Aperture is a much better manager and you can easily round trip an image to Photoshop (or other app).

    A lot of pro photographers though are getting a bit anxious because Aperture hasn’t been significantly upgraded in a really long time and Apple, as usual, is being totally silent about any new releases.

    1. Actually aperture not being updated is a good thing, it means the version is stable and bug free, recently I have been annoyed with apple updates and wish things were left alone

  6. MDN… Who is “we” when you post your comments? How many of you are there and what real life jobs, education and experience do you have that supports all of your proclamations, observations and opinions?

  7. I wish the Dailide bros every success, in a generation or two it will be truly competitive, once they sort out the clumsy UI and add tabs. Until then, get an older version of Photoshop.

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