“Last week Microsoft made the headlines by finally acknowledging that iOS is a credible content creation platform and releasing a version of Office that’s compatible with the iPad,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “There’s no doubt that this is a monumental time for mobile computing, and it’s no coincidence that in the run up to this release the Redmond giant’s share price broke $40 a share for the first since July 2000.”

“I’ve taken a look at Office for iPad and there’s no doubt that it’s an impressive piece of software,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “At a time when Microsoft is hell-bent on going against what it’s customers want – think Windows 8, or the abolition of the TechNet program – it’s comforting to see that Microsoft can deliver a product that people want.”

“But I won’t be using Office for iPad, and this decision has nothing to do with the BYOD licensing minefield, or the cost (shop around if you want the Home Premium version, you can pick up an Office 365 subscription gift card on Amazon.com for under $70, saving you $30), and it isn’t the fact that I can’t print,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “I’m giving Office for iPad a wide berth is, quite simply, because I can… for me it comes years too late. If this had been on the scene two or three years ago then I probably would have been the first in line to jump into the apps, but time has moved on and I’m comfortable with my existing workflow for now.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

• iPad and iPhone are already firmly ensconced into the Fortune 500 and SMB without Microsoft’s bloated morass of insecure spaghetti-code. The world is rapidly learning that it can live without Office and, by failing to pollute iOS devices with their crapware, Microsoft is spreading the news better than anyone.MacDailyNews, January 30, 2013

• The more people who learn the fact that they do not need Office and the quicker they learn it, the better. For all we care (being 100% Microsoft free for as long as we can remember) wait until you’re dead, Microsoft. The world would be a better place without you and your ilk.MacDailyNews, March 1, 2013

• The longer Microsoft dithers, the more people wake up to the fact that Office is not necessary. iPad is taking the enterprise by storm. No Microsoft Office needed. Take your time, dummies.MacDailyNews, April 10, 2013

• Microsoft had a chance to preserve one of their cash cows by making Office for iOS and Android. That window of opportunity is closing, if it hasn’t already. The world has or soon will realize that, no, actually you do not need Microsoft Office to word process or create spreadsheets and presentations. The failure to create Office for iOS and Android in a misguided push to sell tablets and phones running Microsoft OSes will be looked at as one of, if not the, biggest mistake Microsoft made during their ill-fated attempt to recover after being repeatedly, unmercifully steamrolled by Apple’s Steve Jobs with the iPhone, iPad, iCloud, App Store and the rest of the formidable iOS ecosystem.MacDailyNews, July 12, 2013

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