“The new Office for iPad apps earned their place on [Apple’s App Store’s] Top Grossing charts thanks to in-app purchases by customers who downloaded the new apps and unlocked the full editing capabilities using the in-app purchase mechanism in the app,” Ed Bott writes for ZDNet. “Each such purchase costs $99.99, with Apple getting 30 percent of the proceeds and Microsoft getting the remainder.”

“But if you or your employees paid that hundred bucks with the expectation of unlocking the app’s capabilities for business use, you’re treading on thin ice. The only subscription currently available for purchase through the app is for Office 365 Home Premium, which specifically prohibits commercial use,” Bott writes. “(Business subscriptions for Office 365 are set up through an organizational portal. There’s no practical way to sell those subscriptions via in-app purchase).”

“The addition of Office for the iPad makes it even more likely that Office 365 consumer editions are going to show up in your business on consumer devices: Your employees are likely to be using it on their own laptops and tablets, and they’ll probably be connecting to your company network from their home PCs and from iPads they purchased with personal funds,” Bott writes. “The trouble is, the license for Office 365 consumer subscriptions specifically exclude those uses.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “omnipedia” for the heads up.]

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