Samsung mulled using Google as proxy to attack Apple

“Samsung’s U.S. mobile executives debated using Google as a proxy to attack Apple in a marketing campaign because it felt constrained in going directly after the iPhone maker, a large customer of its components businesses,” Daisuke Wakabayashi reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Under the subject heading ‘Use Google to attack Apple?’ Samsung executives exchanged emails a week before Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 4S in Oct. 2011. Apple introduced the emails as evidence to dispute Samsung’s claim that successful marketing and superior hardware helped drive its market share gains,” Wakabayashi reports. “The two companies are squaring off in U.S. district court in San Jose, Calif., in the latest round of their long-running patent feud.”

“The emails reflect a reality of the global technology landscape where the distinction between ally and enemy can change quickly,” Wakabayashi reports. “Apple is a major customer for Samsung’s chip and display businesses, but a bitter rival in smartphones. Google and Apple were once close with Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt sitting on Apple’s board.”

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      1. You either “wilfully” misunderstand OR you are too stupid to understand.

        By now you should know that we mean Samdung BRANDED products. The non branded products will slowly sort itself out over time. Comprendo?

        1. Yes to what you say about BRANDED products. That does not make his statement incorrect. Nor does it mean he willfully misunderstood. Nor does it mean he is stupid.

          He merely said it’s unfortunate. And I think it is unfortunate, and look forward to the day when Apple can move production away from Samcopy, as I’m guessing DustyMac does.

  1. Scenarios like this have been playing out over and over throughout history.
    Look at how nasty Thomas Edison was to Nikola Tesla.
    There will always be ruthless business people who will outright steal your ideas and plot to do you real harm if you stand against them.
    Unfortunately, they sometimes win.

  2. Can you imagine what those internal Samsung emails look like right now with the impending double-barrel big screen explosion of the iPhone 6? If the previous iPhone had them in such a panic they must be shitting serious bricks right now.

  3. You would think the top management at these big companies (Apple included) would stop using electronic means of communication when it comes to matters such as these. Seems like these communications always come out in situations like the Apple vs Samsung wars.

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