Apple again seeks decisive U.S. court ruling against convicted patent infringer Samsung

“Apple and Samsung return to federal court on Tuesday for opening statements in their latest patent battle, with the iPhone maker expected to present more detailed evidence in its attempt to win a U.S. ban on sales of several Samsung smartphones,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters. “Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd have been litigating around the world for nearly three years. Jurors awarded the iPhone maker about $930 million after a 2012 trial in San Jose, California, but Apple failed to persuade U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh to issue a permanent injunction against the sale of Samsung phones.”

“A sales ban would be a far more serious threat to Samsung, which earned $7.7 billion in the quarter that ended in December. Samsung’s mobile division, which includes smartphones, generated operating profit of 5.47 trillion won ($5.1 billion),” Levine reports. “The two companies are set to embark on another trial in San Jose over a fresh batch of Apple patents, which cover iPhone features like slide to unlock and search technology. Apple is seeking to ban sales of several Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S III.”

“Samsung’s phones use the Android operating system developed by Google Inc,” Levine reports. “The trial is expected to last until early May.”

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  1. Spending this kind if time, effort and cash on lawsuits is doing Apple more harm than good. It takes away from the core mission of the company and surrounds it with a bad vibe that no amount of advertising can cover up.
    Read the reviews of the latest iMovie, Pages and other Apple apps. They’re atrocious.
    Apple has lost its focus.

    1. Your are right. The news here in Silicon Valley is Apple sues again for the umpteenth time. Google gives $600k to local teacher group. Google thinking satellite internet. Google has boats and luxury busses for employees. Google building soccer field got Mtn View youth. Apple threatens another suit. Tiresome.

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