Visionaries of the tech world who foresaw Apple’s future

“April first is historically a day to honor brilliant minds who have shared their genius with the world,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “So many of these have contributed their opinions on Apple over the years that there’s not even enough space on the Internet to acknowledge all of their meaty chunks of cerebral output, but here are a few nuggets of wisdom from the tech sector’s most elite thinkers.”

“‘What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.’ – Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell offering his opinion on what could be done to fix Apple at the Gartner Symposium in 1997,” Dilger writes. “Dell was virtually prescient. Over the next 14 years, Steve Jobs did indeed ‘shut it down,’ wiping out one segment of the consumer electronics industry after another and generating such a pile of cash that his successor Tim Cook was essentially forced to literally “give the money back to the shareholders.'”

Much more, including David Goldstein on Apple “turning out the lights” in retail, the bloated gasbag John Dvorak, and more in the full article here.


  1. We don’t hear from Rob Enderle or John Dvorak much lately. Their lies and misinformation finally caught up with them.

    For all the good it did Microsoft, their campaigns of Astroturfing and their systematic means of paying pundits to smear Apple Computer Inc., turned out to be an embarrassing failure, but its all on the record.

    Apple Inc’s name will outlast us all.

    1. Microsoft did not have an embarrassing failure with their Astroturfing and paying pundits to smear Apple.

      They just sold the franchise to Samsung. Made a very good profit with the sale.

  2. Microsoft did not have an embarrassing failure with their Astroturfing and paying pundits to smear Apple.

    Sure they did. In fact, Microsoft made a science of Astroturfing and it isn’t Samsung who is benefiting, it’s Amazon. 60-percent of all product reviews are fake and money is involved.

    Dvorak was the most notorious after publicly admitting he was an Apple troll promoting Microsoft. He made bank. We all knew Dvorak was bat shit, but Enderle took himself seriously and could misinform with a straight face, much like politicians these days.

    I have video of a squirming Bill Gates as he was deposed by the FBI and the DoJ. There are hours of taped deposition of Bill being evasive and obfuscating the evidence. It makes me uncomfortable just watching his body language. Even he can’t believe he’s saying some of the shit coming from his pie hole.

    We saw the face of a menace to society who probably ran the first company to declare reading your email account was their right while everyone else followed suit, including Apple. These are the kinds of business decisions one can expect from the mind of Bill Gates.

    At Harvard, he used to post whiny-sounding flyers attacking those who thought it was okay to share his software programs among friends. I can see him now, stomping his foot yelling to Paul Allen, but they’re ripping me off!

    Of course that attitude is pervasive on Microsoft’s campus. Just like IBM, Microsoft sees themselves as the only solution for those who are serious about capitalism and why they’re joined at the hip with Big Business. Who do you trust when your Trust is on the line? A computer guy or a banker?

    Microsoft was caught rewriting Wiki. But you probably don’t remember Microsoft’s lame attempt to alleviate some of Bill Gates’ Red face in Redmond and his posterity.

    Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are so F-troop and snafu.

      1. What I wanted to say was, 60-percent of all One/Five star reviews are fake, and not that “all” reviews were faked. Nor can I prove my specious claim.

        But MDN suffers the same “black or white” affliction, from commenters who judge everything with One or Five stars, there is no middle ground. No room for discussion with opposing viewpoints.

        I read all the One/Five stars reviews of Amazon products before I buy. More often than not, I find all fake reviews begin with the reviewers resume or an explanation of how their line of work brings them in contact with these products. This is usually followed by a disparaging review.

        1. I might add, Amazon probably wants no part of this, especially if they’re suffering sales.

          Back in the day, Denial of Service attacks meant stealing your competitors’ products, i.e., newspapers, booze, and dames, but today it means Gridlock.

          Gorilla marketeers’ are waging a new war and it’s against the competition’s customers. The ways some have been known to obfuscate and misinform their own customers, General Motors, et. al., makes one wonder what they are capable of doing to a competitors’s customers?

          Consumers are suffering from hyperbole fumes wafting up in the form of convictions and affirmations from total strangers who may or may not use the product their are/aren’t recommending. How many times have we heard those on these boards praise/denigrate something they’ve never used?

          Greed in the 21st Century has also produced Espionage HD, which opens the door [or window as it were] for camera-laden hit men when the favored tool in gorilla tactics manual is blackmail.

          Blackmail is the new Black.

          Compromise and Spin. Rinse and repeat.

          Thanks to the SCOTUS and Nikon, et. al., corporations can now be decapitated like a serpent with a single click to the head. The depth of greed of some CEOs is bottomless.

          The next thing they’ll be telling us is, salt is now good for you. 😉

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