NPR brings live streaming news to Apple’s iTunes Radio, more channels on the way

“Live streaming news content is headed to iTunes Radio, with the first partner launching on Apple’s service Monday: National Public Radio,” AppleInsider reports.

“NPR will launch on iTunes Radio later today, offering a free 24-hour stream of the network’s content, the nonprofit station announced on Monday,” AppleInsider reports. “Its launch will be followed by local NPR affiliates, which will reportedly have their own streams available on Apple’s Internet radio service.”

“News content on iTunes Radio marks a new direction for Apple’s fledgling service, which up until now has served as a direct competitor to leading Internet radio service Pandora,” AppleInsider reports. “The launch of NPR and other future news broadcasts may allow Apple to differentiate its service from the competition and carve out a new space in the streaming market.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. Sir,

    If I may, I would like to express my thanks to the Americans for giving their generous help in assisting the search for the downed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

    You have contributed immense help in the form of a US Navy P8 Poseidon search aircraft, the USS Kidd and USS Pickney, US Navy P3 Orion search aircraft, and FBI and NTSB personnel and satellite data.

    Thank you Americans for your generous help in this our time of need.

    – A Malaysian Reader of MDN

    1. These are the nations that have sent help.

      – Australia
      – China
      – France
      – India
      – Indonesia
      – Japan
      – New Zealand
      – Philippines
      – Singapore
      – South Korea
      – Thailand
      – United Arab Emirates
      – United Kingdom
      – United States of America
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      Thank you all so much for helping us search for MH370 which has been confirmed lost over the Indian Ocean.

      – A Malaysian Reader of MDN

    1. NPR skews highly educated, upscale income, urban people who are more likely to travel and READ.

      The polar opposite of EIB (Excrement In Broadcasting).

      The problem with NPR is that it is too DC conventional wisdom (Beltway mentality) a..k.a “Villager”. Not liberal by a long shot.

    1. Huh? What?

      Ok, let’s put aside this notion of “voice of this party or voice of that party” and talk a moment about the idea of what NPR represents.

      The idea is: independence

      The very foundation of our freedom of speech.

      What you are advocating is the elimination of freedom to speak independently from a corporate mandate.

      I like the idea of being able to hear something that has not been funneled through a corporate censor or that comes across as a commercial every sentence.

      We can talk about implementation, but you should not destroy the idea.

    2. I wish you actually listened to them. They had two people on yesterday, around 5 to 6 pm, talking about how the ACA is resulting in skyrocketing premiums for some people in some states.

    3. 1- It is the Democratic Party. One is a Democrat, the Party is Democratic. Republicans are not members of the Republic Party.
      (Yes, I know this is different outside the US.)
      2- NPR is widely derided as National Petroleum Radio because it is so beholden to Big Oil for underwriting. It is NOT Liberal.
      Pacifica is liberal.

      1. I stopped listening to NPR a few years ago, I got sick of the unrelenting bias.
        Your disparagement of Mr. Limbaugh (who IS the ‘EIB’) and those that listen to him is proof of this.
        Rush declares his bias upfront. NPR conceals its intolerance and hate with hushed tones and classical music.
        ‘All Things Considered’ is actually ‘Leftist Things Considered’. The show is consistent in paying attention only to left wing people, events or subjects. Rarely (if ever) are conservative views allowed.

        Let me say this: I am highly educated and very well read. I have travelled extensively and been exposed to many ideas and cultures. While I do not agree with everything Rush Limbaugh says he is spot on a good deal of the time. He says what the leftist media will not. You may find him too much to handle but he provides balance that I and others need.
        He, one man, has 14 million listeners, while the entirety of NPR has 11m.
        Deal with it.

  2. Extra Terrestrials are behind this tragedy: only they have the superior intelligence to outwit the human species’ primitive technologies and knowledge base to carry out such a flawless escape. To where, and why? We still don’t have any proof or answers – until or unless we actually have a piece of the missing airplane in our humble hands.

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