Netflix falls most since October on Apple-Comcast speculation

“Netflix Inc., the largest online video-subscription service, fell the most since October following a report that Apple Inc. is in talks for a streaming TV partnership with Comcast Corp.,” Cliff Edwards reports for Bloomberg.

“Netflix, based in Los Gatos, California, fell 6.7 percent to $378.90 at the close in New York, the biggest decline since Oct. 22,” Edwards reports. “The retreat was part of a broader sell-off of technology stocks on the Nasdaq 100. Netflix has lost about 17 percent from the all-time closing high of $454.98 on March 4.”

Edwards reports, “Apple is in talks with Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider, to deliver shows through the $99 Apple TV set-top box, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, citing people it didn’t identify.”

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  1. Remember that line in one of those Rambo movies where Rambo declares, “I’m coming to get you Murdoch!”

    I think Apple just gave Netflix a “Murdoch” moment…

    1. Once again the news media has gone all bat shit crazy on speculation, innuendo, and pure 100% BS. As far as “Murdoch” is concerned the BS started at one of his companies.

      Apple has absolutely nothing that COMCAST wants. It’s a freaking war with cable companies just to allow you to watch programming you’ve paid for away from WiFi range of your house.

      COMCAST doesn’t need Apple. COMCAST is determined to control every aspect of television delivery to you. Apple is saying to COMCAST, (if any of this shit is believable), we’d like to provide you with another user experience, done our way, and you PAY us part of the money you collect.

      PAY APPLE? Yeah, maybe, when the number of cord cutters becomes more than a trickle every year.

      Not only that, but no one even knows exactly what this service might offer. It sounds like they just want to be a fancy TivO. Who the hell needs it?

      It wouldn’t affect NetFlix so once again the stock market is reacting to crap that isn’t real.

      Apple does not compete with NetFLIX. Apple has movies and television programs that you can purchase. NetFLIX shows much older stuff for a monthly rental fee. 2 very different businesses.

      If anyone is worried it might be Amazon. All indications are that Amazon is moving toward delivering their own OTT device to compete with AppleTV and Chromecast. If Apple had a special relationship with COMCAST, it would make those devices less attractive.

  2. Siri searchable instant streaming all you can eat fixed price per month with integrated with iwatch microphone command and gesture inhanced UI and games as well.

  3. I also don’t see what the fuss with Netflix is. We pay $9 a month to stream old TV shows and stream a very few movies they have. I can either purchase or rent/then stream individual show or movies now via iTunes, but no open ended subscriptions, and certainly nothing close to Netflix’s rates.

    I can understand Apple wanting to pay a guaranteed access fee to Comcast’s ISP backbone, but I don’t see that Apple has any leverage over them, either.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what happens.

  4. I can’t help but wonder if the car experience might have something in common with what’s planned here if Apple can generate interest. Cable company (other) core with an Apple user experience with Apple services and third party apps built seamlessly within the experience while not directly competing. Gotta think along the lines that there are various services that Apple is looking to introduce to its mobile real estate that would work equally well through a TV interface. Potentially it could win them the living room for its services without having to go through pcs or even Macs.

  5. what kind of moron reasons that Apple TV and Netflix compete – they are complementary services. If Netflix wants to compete head to head they will come out with Netflix Premium with unlimited monthly movies for $29.99 – but what movie studio wants to sell their stuff this cheap?

    NETFLIX fell because the stock market tanked for everyone besides AAPL – which I believe is up on even Barron’s grocking the enormous upgrade cycle the iPhone 6 represents – gonna mess up the analyst modeling and need to fix your options.

  6. Barron’s has always been a shade better than the rest of the miserable curs who wag and bark and chase cars. Less contemptible, at any rate. I like your comment but I think the word is spelt ‘grokking.’ That’s a great principle for guidance and it’s a shame it isn’t taught as such in analyst school or whatever they call those flea-ridden kennels.

  7. Netflix has two things that this hypothetical Apple-Comcast does not. Firstly, Netflix isn’t only tied to the USA. Secondly, Netflix just about runs on any device from a smartphone or a tablet to a Roku to a console to a Blu-Ray player.

    Netflix has nothing to fear from Apple-Comcast, even if such a deal ever takes off.

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