Apple’s iBeacon: With great power comes great potential to delight or annoy

“With the release of iOS 7.1 Apple made a tweak to a technology called iBeacon that paves the way clear for companies to fire off messages to users iPhones and iPads – even if that device is locked,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet. “”

“iBeacon is a two-part technology. The first part consists of iBeacon devices which business can install into stores, malls, stadiums, museums and so on,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “These iBeacons can communicate with iOS devices that have the relevant app installed.”

“Companies need to take care when it comes to iBeacon use,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “If you’ve managed to convince a user to install your app, you need to be careful not to give those users an excuse to delete your app.”

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  1. Apple’s new shovelware strategy of shovelling crap on its users. With innovation stopped dead in its tracks, they have nothing new to offer, other than advertisement infused shovelware shovelling in your face ads on your phone.

    Failed tech piled on top of failed tech. No wonder the stock price is tanking into the depths of the Atlantic. Sad but true.

      1. Yes they really are so useless at covering up their agenda, says a lot about their masters I guess and why I will never buy back into Samsung, no class and no decency.

        As for iBeacons the author has it right this is a fabulous technology that will transform all sorts of things in ways we can barely imagine at present but if exploited with the same lack of consumer respect so imbued into the psyche of the likes of Samsung and Google then it could also be a serious turn off. A free for all that will no doubt exist on the Android incarnation of it will be like a stiletto to their heart I suspect over time.

    1. The public have to do more than just log in, they have to take the trouble to download an app that that particular iBeacon will trigger. If they don’t like what that retailer does with iBeacon, they can delete that particular retailer’s app and all that user’s other iBeacon apps continue to work normally.

      This is a much more elegant solution than simply enabling or disabling a system such as BlueTooth or WiFi, because you can selectively opt in or opt out on a case by case basis.

      The retailers will only get people to use their particular iBeacon systems if they deliver something positive for the customer. If they use it for intrusive advertising, they’re going to end up with a lot of people deleting their app and it will have been a waste of time for them.

  2. Look for evil and flaws and you will be inundated with them but look for strengths and beauties and you will also find them in abundance. The difference to you will be misery or happiness. Your choice.

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