For iPhone 6, Apple gearing up for the most massive iPhone launch yet

“Apple is apparently getting ready for a massive iPhone 6 launch, at least according to Chinese publication Commercial Times (via Digitimes),” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “According to the report, the trade paper has learned that Foxconn is expected to land orders for 90 million iPhone 6 units this year alone.”

“An analyst at Citigroup Global Markets quoted by the Chinese paper said that the iPhone 6 will help Apple further grow in the smartphone business, with shipments expected to rise 23% this year, compared to 13% growth posted a year earlier,” Smith reports. “Assuming the 90 million iPhone 6 order is accurate, it may mean that Apple may launch the 2014 iOS smartphones a lot earlier than anticipated, just as other reports have recently claimed.”

“The company sold 51 million combined iPhone units in the last quarter of 2013, or the same quarter when it launched the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c,” Smith reports. “In calendar year 2013, Apple sold 153.4 million iPhones, according to data the company revealed in quarterly earnings results.”

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  1. I signed a contract for my 5S so I’ll have to pay like $700 to get the 6 at full price. And if it’s the glorious big screen machine I’m expecting, I’ll have no qualms about doing so. I want the phone and I want it now. I haven’t anticipated an iPhone this much since 2007.

    1. That’s what’s nice about having 6 phones on my plan – I can just hand my 5s down to my wife (and her 5 goes down to oldest child, etc.) and get an iPhone 6 – and likely still have two more upgrades available at any given time.

    1. Your wallet is quite safe in your pocket. Don’t worry, Apple won’t reach into your pocket and pinch the $650 out of your wallet by coercing you into buying a large screen iPhone.

      By the way, can I point you to a very nice 1″ Motorola Razr that I happen to have that you might want to buy for $650.

        1. I get what you’re saying, however it is a little painful to see how much larger every new phone is.
          I think what Apple may do is have two iPhone 6 sizes, or keep the 5s on the market.
          I’m due for an update, and I can’t wait.

    1. Yeah, I hear you. That’s why I told my friend that she might as well trade in her shitty S3 for an even shittier S4 since the still shittier S5 is coming, very soon, with an ever slightly larger screen and even more useless features.

  2. There are no other phones except the iphone as far as my family is concerned. The only question is which iphone we’re going to get when our plan permits it. We don’t pay any attention to the other manufacturers.

  3. MDN, the word “massive” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

    Apple may have realized finally that the one-size-fits-all strategy is no longer working. Let’s hope that the flat boring white helvetica useless eye candy battery eating iOS7 is replaced with something befitting the Apple name too.

  4. Samsung + North Korea + the low grade team of US judges: “Great, let’s gear up for another massive tech patents and products copying exercises. Jobs (career) secured. Future assured.”

  5. Perhaps everyone already knows this, but to keep my title as Captain Obvious, I must point out that larger-screen iPhones and CarPlay are intimately connected. Integration with other display devices means that iOS really can’t know in advance what the screen dimensions may be (who knows what Ford will do? or BMW? or Volvo?), so it has to adapt automatically to different-sized screens. This ability, of course, frees Apple to have variously-sized iPhones without regard to having an ever-growing table of screen sizes in iOS (or support for specific screen sizes on compliant apps).

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