New iPhone case makes Star Trek’s tricorder a reality (with video)

“An iPhone case designed to help you keep track of your health by monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, temperature and lung function will go on sale in the UK this summer,” Matthew Sparkes reports for The Telegraph. “”

“The Wello is reminiscent of the tricorder used by medical staff in Star Trek to remotely scan patients for a diagnosis,” Sparkes reports “But this case has already been developed by US company Azoi and will cost just £120 [US$200] when it launches here later this year.”

“Wello slips over an iPhone like a normal case but has built-in circuitry to take readings in seconds, just by holding it so that your fingers rest on the sensors. The Wello app then records this data and can help to spot long-term trends,” Sparkes reports “According to the World Health Organization, heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide and hypertension afflicts nearly a billion people. Azoi claim that with simple, regular monitoring of health data people are better equipped to identify potential issues and seek advice before they become serious illnesses.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Cool. We want!


    1. I suppose Apple itself working in this direction. But this thing is good enough so you would not regret buying it even if Apple will release its own solution for this.

    1. When you market a product that ensues health, fitness, wellness, the last thing you want is a overweight person selling you the product. I said moderately fit. I didn’t say some Olympic Athlete or Gym Rat to sell the product and idea. This is just poor marketing-advertising oversight.

      1. I’d agree with your stance if the guy in the ad was promoting a particular diet or exercise program. However, all he’s doing is demonstrating a product that gives one his or her vital information. If anyone needs a product like that, it’s the obese.

      2. I think it’s MORE effective, because he looks like the target audience. I don’t have a compelling need for this thing. It would have also been effective to use an elderly person, demonstrating how easy it is to accurately measure and track those vitals.

    2. No wonder the majority of us are all overweight and Obese. This is the role model that people want? I would rather see a well fit person to inspire me than the average overweight or obese person.

  1. I hate to bad-mouth this. It’s a great idea, but putting this in the hands of the masses may make a bunch of hypochondriacs. Personally, I try to stay away from WebMD. I don’t know much about physiology, and it makes me think I have everything!

    1. I have to disagree!
      For people that have pre-existing health issues this is a godsend. When you can’t get for medical tests frequently or easily this could be a lifesaver.

      1. I agree with you but this is for everyone sick or not adult but also very young and very old. We need everyone to take a better interest in their health. This and others like it will be the start of a trend to provide doctors with accurate long term data instead having to answer subjective questions “How do you feel?”. This I see as a start and I keep my fingers crossed for developers to use the data, combine with real doctor visits and family health history and ones genetic makeup to finally start on maintaining ones health at an optimum level.

        I will however wait to see what Apple will come up in 2015. A wrist device is much easier to use for very young and very old as well as our average adult.

  2. I wish it could focus on other people to discover whether they’re psychopaths.

    It would be great at political rallies and company meetings, and on buses and subways.

  3. Sounds and looks interesting. I hope the price will go down by the time it comes out. I would be very interest in such a devise. I look forward to seeing more information. Not exactly the tri-corder, but the closest I have ever seen to date.

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