Samsung cut out as TSMC starts stamping out Apple A8 chips for 4.7-inch iPhone 6, sources say

“Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co has started producing chips for Apple’s next iPhone, a report said Wednesday, as speculation swirls that the US firm could be offloading rival Samsung as a supplier,” Agence France-Presse reports. “The world’s leading contract microchip maker last month started producing the A8 chip, which is tipped to power the expected iPhone 6, the Commercial Times reported.”

“The report, which cited supply chain sources, said TSMC had won most of the manufacturing orders for logic and power management integrated chips for the new handset,” AFP reports. “The Commercial Times forecast the new phone, which will likely have a 4.7-inch screen, would hit the shops early in the third quarter.”

“Taipei-based website TechNews has claimed TSMC will now become the sole manufacturer of the A8 chips,” AFP reports. “‘This is another sign Apple has been shifting more orders away from Samsung,’ an analyst at a foreign company in Taipei told AFP on condition of anonimity. ‘But how far Apple may push remains to be seen. It could be up to how much the Samsung-made parts and components could be replaced by those of other suppliers.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Convicted patent infringer Samsung should’ve been cut out like a cancer long before now, but, if this is finally true, better late than never!

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  1. Don’t we hear this same rumor every year?

    I mean, I hope and pray it’s true that Apple is severing this tie with Samsung, but I won’t believe it until someone tears open some new iPhone 6 sets and sees what’s inside them.

    1. Besides, those dumba** “sources” again claim that Apple will cede the most popular phone size in the world — 4″. It hardly can be any more ridiculous than that. (Hint: two-hand-use iPhone will be separate model.)

        1. Why would I keep my “5”, if iPhone 6 will be the same size? Why not upgrade?

          I even supplied you with hint: “two-hand-use iPhone will be separate model” — read it word by word, slowly, and comprehend.

    1. Totally agree. As I’ve stated numerous times, Samsung is a company with no honor or integrity. They should bow their heads in shame. They are going to lose billions in profits for their indiscretions, and deservedly so. Looks like Apple means it this time and is slowly divesting themselves of what was once a great business collaboration. Adios!

    1. I’m on board with the Samsung boycott. They make some decent products, I will search out alternatives. I don’t know how big of a group is on board denying them business, but I hope it’s sizable and growing. I’ve mentioned this to several friends and family members. We all need to do the job of spreading the word. Discourage them from giving Samsung their business and find a way to word it so i gets through and makes them want to come onboard with the boycott.

  2. Good news for Samsung! No more producing chips for Apple at bargain basement prices. Apple will regret the day they decided to ditch the one supplier that made Apple what it is today.

    Every time Apple fiddles with its supply partners it reverts back to Samsung as Samsung is the only company that manufactures superior grade silicon and hardware.

    Let the real games begin! Samsung already rules the planet, but there is room for growth and thanks to Apple’s Messiah Mr. Cook this growth will come at the expense of Apple.

    1. You’re absolutely right Samsung’s market is chips. In order to get into the phone market they had to steal the design from Apple. So let’s see who’s carrying who. Apple made Samsung. And they’ve got the bucks to make any other company they need or desire.

    2. At least this paid troll writes in relatively fluent English (despite the egregious second paragraph error). A few other minor GMU mistakes appear throughout, but his screed is understandable (if absurd) overall.

      Note to jon: “revert” already contains a “back.” No need to repeat yourself.

  3. I have two samsung TVs (purchased several years ago) and they work well. I, too, will never purchase a samsung branded item ever again. I feel that I have to set standards for my children. I have shared this decision and the reasons for it with family and friends. Fortunately there are plenty of good alternatives.

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