Analyst: No 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro’ or third-gen iPad mini this year, iPad Air to get A8 and Touch ID this autumn

“The iPad Air may be the only model in Apple’s tablet lineup to receive a refresh this year, with an allegedly still-in-development 12.9-inch model unlikely to launch, and even a successor to the iPad mini with Retina display in doubt, according to one well-connected insider,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities issued a report Saturday evening obtained by AppleInsider, in which he predicted that overall iPad shipments will actually decline this year,” Hughes reports. “That’s because he expects that the iPad Air will be the only iPad model to see a refresh in 2014, gaining a next-generation A8 processor and Touch ID fingerprint sensor late in the third quarter of the year.”

“According to Kuo, Apple has placed its priorities on finishing the operating system for its anticipated ‘iWatch,’ which he says will launch this year,” Hughes reports. “As a result, he doesn’t expect that Apple will be able to finish the software for a larger ‘iPad Pro’ by the end of 2014.”

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  1. “finish software for larger iPad Pro”? WTF, why would it need new software? There was no new software for the iPad Mini was there? Perhaps a problem with higher number of pixels? And who says it will have more pixels? This doofus seems to think Apple cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. So he does not expect a larger iPad. Well, I do. So there famous Chinese fellow from unknown security company.

    1. If they’re going to make a GIANT iPad, it stands to reason that it would have different software to take advantage of its size. They didn’t need to do that with the iPad Mini because it was just a shrunken-down iPad 2.

      Not saying they will, but it makes sense for them to do so. Otherwise, what’s the point of increasing the screen real estate? The iPad Air screen is the perfect size for current iPad software.

        1. A traditional PC (laptop or desktop) is a LOT more versatile in terms of software, though. And I’m sure there are applications that work better on a 27″ display than on an 11″ display, and vice-versa.

          My point was, if Apple is planning a larger iPad, it would make sense if they created new software to take advantage of the greater screen real estate. Tablets and other mobile devices play by a different set of rules than traditional PCs.

          Or do you think that iOS for iPhone and iPad should be 100% identical? After all, the biggest difference is screen size.

        2. A larger iPad will run iOS just as the mini and iPhone do. Now Apple could be working on a convertible as others are doing which could blend iOS with OSX. The issue is many iPad users are still PC users so this could create confusion. OSX when docked and iOS when a tablet. The 64 bit chip seems over kill for a phone or tablet as they have been used so far. Apple includes tech in products a year or two before needed building critical mass making adoption easy. Others make adoption require purchasing a new device. I recall when Steve introduced the iPhone saying its a mobile computing device in your hand and it has a phone.

        3. I’m not saying it won’t run iOS. But the iOS on an iPhone is different from the iOS on an iPad, because the devices have different capabilities. That’s all I’m saying in regards to an “iPad Pro.” If it’s just a bigger screen that runs the exact same stuff as an iPad Air or an iPad Mini … SO WHAT!?

          It could end up being something like the “convertible” 2-in-1 idea, but that sounds like refrigertoaster talk. I just expect that, if they’re growing the iPad to a new size, they’ll do something to take advantage of it rather than just blow up the existing iPad version of iOS. Otherwise, there really isn’t any point.

    2. The only major concern regarding a ‘Maxy’Pad is the screen resolution. Sticking iOS developers with yet-another screen resolution to support is NOT appealing to anyone. Obviously, working out screen resolution ≠ any major software development. Therefore, Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, WTF?

      And, seeing as Apple has several internal teams of software developers, why does designing an ‘iWatch’ (gossip-ware reference) GUI impinge on anything else at Apple? Therefore, Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, WTF?

      This article has the odor of the orifice it came from.

  2. This is the same clown that wrote a report that the China Mobile deal was likely delayed again, because poor 5C sales had triggered a renegotiation.

    The deal was announced 3 days later.

    Ming-Chi Kuo is full of shit.

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