Icis: Far sexier than Google Glass (with video)

“Picture Larry Page: all nerd, all business. Not a man, one suspects, who worries too much about couture,” Chris Matyszczyk reports for CNET. “Now take a look at Laforge Optical CEO and Founder Corey Mack in the video below. There’s a little snazz there.”

“So, it’s not surprising that his startup is taking on Google’s famed Glass at one of its more vulnerable pressure points: the embarrassment factor,” Matyszczyk reports. “Mack told me: ‘Our biggest competition is Google Glass but our approach is different, because we focused on creating a device that people don’t mind being seen in.'”


a glasshole
A Glasshole
“Mack told me: ‘Style is a subjective thing and currently the bar is set pretty low,'” Matyszczyk reports. “So he and his team decided to create wearable eyewear that, they believe, not only looks good, but has a more friendly user interface. Instead of having to look up and to the right — as with Google Glass — Icis’s information, which comes from the cloud, is displayed around the outside of the field of vision.”

“Still, you can’t help but think that there’s a certain intelligence in the Laforge’s basic approach to design,” Matyszczyk reports. “As its CEO explained: ‘We design products for people, not in spite of people.’ That sounds like Mack, rather than PC.”


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  1. Funny, y’all talk about how Google Glass is طad, infringes on privacy, and is a nuisance in general, yet when a sexier version comes out, y’all say it’s the best thing ever. You know the Icis will be used in the same way as Google Glass: Invasion of privacy, police abusing it to create more Rodney King incidents, and stalking. Show some consistency!

    1. The negative reaction towards Glass has more to do with Google’s history on privacy breaches, data farming and user profiling.

      This is the same reason I don’t have an account for any of their services and would never own a device running one of their operating systems.

      In fact the only Google owned service I use, and rarely at that, is YouTube.

    2. Who said anyone was fine with Icis over Google? I don’t see Icis being as invasive of privacy as Google, but who knows? It still has a camera on the glasses, so many people may object to it on those grounds alone.

      OTOH, it actually seems less developed than Google Glass seeing as you must control it through a tablet. Basically it’s giving you a heads-up display on your glasses, whereas Google Glass uses the eyes for an input device as well.

    3. @Apollonia whatever:

      1) This is new tech. So you jump on the comments before anyone has said ANYTHING and accuse us all of saying stuff you don’t like. SHUT UP!

      2) As for the ‘invasion of privacy’, did you BOTHER to watch the video? WHAT invasion of privacy? Hmm?

      3) Rodney King WTF?! Incoherent much? Stalking? See #2 above.

      Why are you asking for ‘consistency’ when you can’t bother to be COHERENT?! SHUT UP! …Until such time as you have something intelligent and coherent to say around here, anonymous coward. Opinions are welcome. Idiotic hate rants are not.

  2. No. What. I am trying to say that this Icis garbage is the same thing as Google Glass. Invasive, and useless. I hope the users of this will get the same treatment Google Glass users will have.

    1. Presumably you’ll be more than happy for anyone wearing glasses with frames like these, say Wayfarers, or Frogskins, to have the shit kicked out of them, just because some jackass like you thinks their privacy is being invaded.
      A bit like Rodney King, come to think of it.
      This is all very familiar, I was reading about technology not unlike this in 1993, in a book written by the author who invented the term ‘Cyberspace’, William Gibson. In his book ‘Virtual Light’ there are glasses very similar in look and function.
      I suggest people read it, and the rest of Bill’s books, up to the latest, ‘Zero History’.

    2. Give up @Apollonia. Try again after the hangover wears off. Then do some research, know what you’re talking about, don’t go off on abstract incoherent rants, and shove the half-cocked Apple fanatic hate back up the orifice it came from. You won’t get respect until you GIVE respect. And I offer you NONE at this point. Very poorly done.

  3. The design is on the right track, make it as close to a normal pair of glasses as possible, not like Google Glass, which say’s here I am the biggest geek in the room.

      1. Imagine when Apple who has in house cpu design capabilities gets in on the fun, Apple will design something that is unobtrusive, in short fits right on your face without anyone knowing that you are even wearing a set of smart glasses with software that actually works.

  4. Unfortunately there are enough people walking around glued to their mobile phones and not paying attention to the world round them already. Now we want them wearing glasses projecting info that they can’t possibly ignore?

    Humans really can’t multi-task. Many of us like to think we can, but in reality we cannot. You can’t text and watch TV at the same time. We all just need to slow down and not try to do so much all the time.

    1. What I like so far:
      – The visual interface pummels Google’s dumpy interface.
      – The real glasses appearance pummels Google’s goofy one-eyed pirate appearance.
      – These can be used as actual glasses with lenses.
      – They can integrate polarization, which has some nifty uses.

      What I don’t like:
      – Frames: I have to agree they’re either Meh or Bleh in the demo.
      – Built in camera: Sorry, but it’s still unsolicited surveillance. The fact that these NEVER have a visible recording light makes them even more unappealing and paranoia inspiring.

      I’m tempted to carry something equivalent to ‘Oobleck’ (Dr. Seuss reference) to throw in the faces of glasses surveillance freaks. But seeing as that would get me arrested for assault, I am further inspired to carry around a mini-EMP device (electromagnetic pulse) to blow out the circuitry on these things at my whim. It would be GREAT fun to hide my EMP device inside a set of MY OWN glasses. Bwahahaha! Glass Warz.

      [BTW: Portable and powerful EMP devices are still only a dream. But I like dreaming.]

  5. compared to google’s device, this seems to be focused the right way… it just looks like a regular eyeglasses. BUT I am not ready to look like an idiot, nerd, hipster, or stupid guy (or a mix of them) with that awful frame design. Well, that’s my opinion.

  6. So basically Google Glass with… no awkward looking frames. Yeah, that’s what GG will look like in a couple years. Looks great.

    “The best design is the least design”

    I know this is just schmulzty ad copy, but NO NO NO! Absolutely not! Wrong wrong wrong! Design is a good thing. What you’re opposed to is actually bad design, or an absence of care/attention to design. Minimalism is not the absence of design, it’s the result of tireless hours of work to simplify and make tough decisions (much to the pain and anguish of the marketing/sales departments!) ;-P

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