Apple’s Eddy Cue back in the news, cutting deals in Hollywood

“Testifying in the e-book antitrust trial last June, Apple’s senior vice president Eddy Cue estimated that in the 24 years he’s been signing up digital content for the company he’s negotiated not hundreds or thousands but tens of thousands of contracts,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“In the Bloomberg story that got so much play Wednesday — Apple Said to Plan New TV Box Amid Time Warner Cable Talks — Cue is back on stage in a scene with all the same dramatic elements,” P.E.D. reports. “This time Apple is reportedly trying to herd video producers and cable operators into an April deal that would allow the Apple TV set-top box to graduate from Steve Jobs’ little ‘hobby’ into a device worthy of the new treatment it’s getting on Apple’s online line store, a fifth product line right there alongside the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac.”

P.E.D. reports, “What gives Cue’s reappearance special poignancy at this juncture is that Apple — having fiercely resisted the inquiries of Michael Bromwich, an antitrust monitor who by his own admission wanted to ‘crawl into’ the company and interview all its board members and top executives, including Cue — just got an appellate court to rein the monitor in.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. That’s nice and good but what Eddy and his team needs to do is sort our the diabolical apple maps ASAP, recently I was at a major European City, on the hotel and restaurant wifi, the apple maps didn’t work properly, the satellite images froze and took time, the details were sketchy, whereas google maps just worked andy was very beneficial for planning. Eddy, apple maps needs a quick fix big time. Maybe the apple maps works better in America, but in London and Brussels it’s a struggle and way inferior to google maps

    1. There are even bigger bugs/blunders going on with the Apple ecosystem right now. Here is a quick rundown:

      1. App search/discovery is hopelessly broken. Search an app by name take “secret” for example. It gives pages of other apps and is downright impossible to find it. Go to google though, a search quickly leads to the iTunes link and suddenly I can download it. PATHETIC is the only word that comes to mind.

      2. iBooks – PDF’s refuse to sync to the iPad, try to go to the old standby iTunes method of import/check/sync and iTunes directs you to iBooks, which DOES NOTHING. My latest 10.9 certification books, purchased from peach pit and downloaded to my desktop WILL not sync, neither will the pdf’s from Apple’s own website. Try dropbox as a work around, it will open the pdf in ibooks, but go back to ibooks later and the pdf is gone. LAME, LAME, LAME, now I need Adobe software on my iPad to manage pdf’s? FAIL, unintuitive, broken.

      3. Mail in Mavericks, still broken after the patches, often requires a reboot just to show new messages. LAME

      4. iTunes UI, I do not even know how to begin to describe the inconsistencies and fail in this one, it is just a hot mess.

      There are more, clearly not enough resources going into their core apps, all left to languish in buggy hell. Features broken for no reason. Time to beg Scott back.

      1. It pains me to say it, but I’ve dealt with all these problems. I’ve paid for iTunes Match and man, is it wonky trying to get the music I want onto my phone. So much effort and it feels like I’m trying to stack sand. I’m thinking about going back to the old iTunes direct-USB sync, but I wonder if they’ve obfuscated that, too. I really hope they can clear all this up. It sometimes feels like Apple lets certain products or services move to the back burner and stagnate for years. You never know for sure if they will refresh/renew like they seem to be planning with Pages/Numbers/Keynote (mixed success), or kill the product after years of neglect, like they did with AppleWorks, Hypercard, etc.

  2. Except now if they bug Eddie Apple can call foul and they will be the ones in trouble, not Apple. His unlimited rein has been takith away by the appeals court as it should be. His job in the first place was to only monitor what was the book deal and that’s all.

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