New photos, by way of Sonny Dickson, claim to show off Apple’s iPhone 6

“Sonny Dickson, the blogger who has recently become the go-to guy on getting leaked parts from new Apple devices before they ship, drew attention today to some photos shown on Twitter that claim to show off parts from the new iPhone 6,” Mark Rogowsky reports for Forbes.

“The photos show a larger phone that appears somewhat thinner than current models, consistent with rumors. In addition, the images show that Apple has shrunk the bezels surrounding the display and rounded the back a bit, like the curved edge on the new iPads,” Rogowsky reports. “This should make the phones easier to hold even with the larger screens and might well limit fears among those who are fans of the status quo that Apple has gone too big.”

Rogowsky reports, “In the past, when Dickson himself has gotten the parts, the reliability of his information has been nearly perfect. In this case, it comes from a Twitter account belonging to ‘monrray886,’ so take it with a grain of salt.”

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Juli Clover reports for MacRumors, “We asked designer Federico Ciccarese to conduct some measurements based on the photos and he believes the iPhone in the images is 4.7 inches diagonally and 2.3 inches wide, the same width as the existing iPhone 5s.”

iPhone 5s overlayed. iPhone 5s dimensions (mm) in red. iPhone 6 dimensions in blue.  iPhone 6 Dimensions: 2.3" x 5.1" with 4.7" Diagonal Screen
iPhone 5s overlayed. iPhone 5s dimensions (mm) in red. iPhone 6 dimensions in blue.
iPhone 6 Dimensions: 2.3″ x 5.1″ with 4.7″ Diagonal Screen

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]

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      1. Besides, I doubt this is Apple’s design, because up and down are asymmetrical — not Apple’s way to go usually at all — and there is no outer antenna-frame. Back cover looks seamless, like in iPod touch (which does not have cellular antenna, and thus inner Wi-Fi antenna is the only wireless what it needs).

        1. Also, the reason why Apple went with tall design for iPhone 5/5s/5c is because they have made the device incredibly thin 7.6mm. So they needed vertical space to arrange innards.

          I can not see how it is possible to produce thinner device and with bigger screen, which would indicate that inner space would become significantly less than iPhone 5/5s, and yet to have at least not smaller battery.

          So I find this design not that likely, unless Apple invented much better battery (which would take much less space for the same W-h capacity — I highly doubt that because batteries are getting better really slowly).

          1. Besides, the speculated screen size is lie which does not correspond with the pictures.

            4.7″ would make phone’s width not 58.6 mm as in the picture, but at least 62 mm, — this is with the smallest bezels possible, with screen itself being 60 mm width.

            With the given width, the screen size could be not bigger than 4.3″ — 55-56 mm of actual size, plus 2-3 mm for faceted metal enclosure and buttons.

  1. I was hoping they’d design the next iPhones in a similar fashion to the iPad Mini and iPad Air! Hopefully this is what we end up with.

    One thing that leaps out to me: don’t we usually get these sorts of leaks way later in the year? So does this point to a change in the release cycle, OR is Dickson just somehow getting these faster than normal?

  2. There were photos floating around before the iPhone 5 and 5s too, Apple test things all the time. Although this time it seems to hold more weight that it might come to market.
    4.7 inch is what Apple should have done with the iPhone 5. Doing it now is an admission that the 4 inch was a mistake and its going to make universal apps bloated

    1. Your assertion is bogus. Regardless of whether Apple releases a larger iPhone this year, the iPhone 5s was not a mistake. Over 30M units sold in the holiday quarter says bullshit to you.

      I do believe that Apple should have expanded to a two size iPhone lineup at least a year ago. But the absence of the larger version does not make the current, smaller 5s a mistake. It is an incredible device and virtually everyone who holds one is in awe of it. But I will welcome a larger iPhone companion later in the year for two reasons. First, it will expand Apple’s smartphone presence in a good way. Second, it might actually shut up people like BLN and you.

      1. hmm… bit aggressive. Calm down.
        All I’m saying is that if Apple release 2 4inch models then move to a larger model the 4 inch may not have been the best idea.
        They were testing larger iPhones prior to iPhone 5. They didn’t release larger than 4 inch cause Job says it was fragmented. Look it up, info is available. If they go larger now they will have 3 sizes available and we can all shut up about Android fragmentation cause iPhone will be following the same path

        1. You’re correct. The iPhone 5 was the mistake. They simply followed up with the 5S to maximize a production run. Had the iPhone 5 been a larger iPhone everybody would be happy. They could have still maintain the iPhone 4 for those who desired such a size and made everyone else a larger iPhone. Millions of Android users would have been iPhone users. Apple misjudged the market. They’ll never admit it. But they did. That’s pretty clear. And for those few who constantly claim that the phone I hold every day, a 5S, sold millions and millions they are correct. But it’s not because it’s not a larger iPhone it’s because it’s the only new iPhone available! You can’t buy what Apple doesn’t offer! That’s a simple fact that is so often avoided here. So it was the iPhone 5 that should have been a larger iPhone. Another thing that is avoided here is why is the iPhone 5 bigger than the iPhone 4s? Why did Apple make a larger iPhone? Why don’t we still have the same form factor as the iPhone 4/4S? Mistakes happen. No one is perfect. Not even Apple. And everyone will love the larger iPhones. Everyone.

      1. Did you even look at what I linked? They’re obviously renders. The guy who made them likes to use smudges/dirt to make them look more realistic, but he got lazy and re-used some of the patterns. The first two links highlight two of the times he re-used patterns, the reddit discussion gives a lot more details.

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