Key Apple Mac, iPad operations VP Rita Lane retires

“Rita Lane, Apple’s vice president of operations for the iPad, Mac desktops, and Mac accessories, has retired from the company, according to her public LinkedIn profile,” Mark Gurman reports. “As vice president of operations, Lane was in charge of the supply chain and manufacturing for iPads, computers like the iMac, and Apple’s Mac accessories.”

“Due to her position, Lane was likely instrumental in the iPad’s rapid growth as a product and emergence in society over the past few years, making the departure a significant loss for Apple,” Gurman reports. “However, the company likely has other experienced operations managers who could fill Lane’s role.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. She did great things in her life, the least of which is she served her country and is a veteran.

      I’m glad to hear people actually work long enough to retire from Apple. Unlike the corkscrew now running Microsoft who’s been at it for thirty-years and hasn’t made a name for himself.

      Good luck and godspeed Rita.

  1. “making the departure a significant loss for Apple”

    In a word: Bull!

    If she has been over operations for the iMac and Mac Pro for the last two plus years, she’s likely been at the center of the “we can’t get things done and out the door” group.

    Maybe this is just a polite, politically correct firing I was asking for in another thread on this site.

    Hopefully Tim Cook will put someone into that slot who will actually get product out the door.

      1. I’m inclined to go with your interpretation, instead of the cynical analytical reading that pins every shortcoming of the firm on departing personnel, as if exfoliation were proof of disease.

        I’m probably foolishly and sentimentally biased beyond cold logic, though. Someone presented me with a daisy today.

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