7 billion reasons Apple gets health

“The personal medical devices gold rush has begun,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Apple is investing heavily to deliver solutions for the sector, recruiting expert health technologists to help product development. Why?”

“At its simplest the global population is growing and life expectancy generally increasing,” Evans writes. “This strains global medical resources even while the sad truth is that we’re not training enough doctors to meet the growing need.”

“The big corporations aren’t being altruistic in their attempt to introduce medical solutions. They hope to capitalize on the personal health needs of the planet’s seven billion inhabitants,” Evans writes. “Governments will support them in these attempts in order to cut health care costs while affordably extending the useful tax paying lives of their citizens. This conjunction of human need along with government fiscal strategy and demographic demand makes mobile medical a key market for future IT industry growth. Health care is good business. Which is why Apple is investing in it.”

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      1. I’m just trying. Hey on the opposite end we are gouged, poked and prodded into paying money our whole lives, just to stay alive or heathy. Medicines, designed not to heal but maintain dependency.

        The hypocritical oath has no value in the medical industry.

        There is, somewhere, a happy medium, pride in knowing you made the world better place and humanity a better creature.

        The reality is, we have to fight against greed and people who are flat out lying to us, believing greed is good and the ends justify the means.

        The whole system is stale with corruption and leeches. Maybe just maybe, if we trim the leeches and fat, healthcare can be affordable or even free. Two tiered system of free benefits and a paid system of elected procedures.

    1. Free healthcare, given by an invisible man that floats in the sky?

      You prove me that such invisible man exists, THEN I’ll agree to free healthcare. Otherwise, pay for it yourself.

      1. You misread my statement, or I didn’t write it correctly. Healthcare is not God given. The right to have it or access to it for free, is God given, because we are human, brothers and sisters, living and working together, sharing the same water, breathing the same air.

        If you don’t believe in God then at least do it for humanity, because it’s righteous and of good moral standing.

  1. Probably 5+ Billion of this planets inhabitants don’t get much in the way of health care. 50% of those that have access usually can’t afford more that the basics. That still leaves a market of around 1 Billion.

  2. @ Gollum: By the same token, free food, shelter, transportation, pot, cable (and so on)–all free as air?

    Equality and dignity for all! Let’s make certain that Harrison Bergeron is permanently dead.

      1. I don’t know about you but about $10,000 of my Canadian tax money each year goes to Medical Care and I’m not sick.

        What’s more, if I was sick, I would have to wait 6 months to 3 years to get the needed surgery.

        Yes, Canada and Europe are in great shape.

        1. Surgery your life depends on is given immediately. Surgery that will improve or restore your health, but is not critical to keep you alive may have to wait. This is what we call fair in Canada

  3. Jeff — your point about access to medical services: that’s a good one — the opportunity of mHealth is that people who aren’t currently able to access such services may be able to access some degree of care. It’s the thing of if one doctor can care for thousands of people in a large area then healthcare can reach more people. That’s the dream. It’s true that $$$ get in the way of the dream we could create on the planet though.

  4. The most important healthcare is prevention and even cures via good food choices. It needs to start with education independent of business influences(money over individual health) and doctors(fewer patients limits growth in profits. Some have sacrificed their careers to get evidence of health truths out to the public. See “Forks over Knives” documentary movie usually available in your library.

  5. Free health services rendered to a person without personal responsibility and discipline is wasted money. An individual with distructive habits will mitigate any value they receive from services beyond education that enlightens them to Personal Heath Care changes that will impact them long term. Most realize that Emergency Care is already guaranteed. It’s the idea of dispensing FREE check ups, and potentially all types of medical devices from orthotic insoles to cardiac pacemakers without consideration of the lack of available medical field personel, supplies, or financial resources. Ownership of a vehicle places the responsibility for transportation on the owner. Neglect leafs to chronic Disrepair which leads to systemic breakdowns and a final visit to a salvagea yard resting ground. Would FREE auto parts reduce our ever increasing cost of new vehicles? Would it change driver behaviors that lead to accidents and deaths? … just sayin my tech friends 🙂

      1. If your best reason for taking from others what they have earned us because you were forced into a body by all means relive yourself and the rest I of the world from that burden as you see fit. The fact that a human is born warrants freedom, respect, and I believe MUCH support from their “neighbors”. To make that last one … “Support” mandatory rather than from neighborly kindness and love for humanity creates an artificial support based on perceived jealousies, so called “inequalities” and personal biases. Our collective agreement on what and how we jointly “protect” one another need to be BROAD BASED rather than a group who “feels” disenfranchised and picked on because of it’s economic or societal “minority status”. If you take from all for the few … you better have a better resin than “they were forced into existence in a body that needs caring for regardless of their personal behaviors” or those many may one day realize they are the ones really being oppressed!

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