Concept video shows off stunning, ultra-thin Apple ‘iPhone 6’

For ConceptsiPhone, Joseph Farahi has created a stunning new concept video that shows off what might be Jony Ive’s ultimate goal for iPhone – if technology and materials science ever allows it: An ultra-thin 6.1 mm, ultralight 100 gram “iPhone 6.”

In order for the thing to not just crack in half inside people’s pockets when they sit, we imagine it would have to be constructed from Liquidmetal (to which Apple holds exclusive CE rights in perpetuity) and synthetic sapphire glass (into which Apple just invested over half a billion dollars).

This iPhone concept looks absolutely stunning, yet familiar, thanks to iPhone 5/5s already gorgeous design, plus it also comes in Silver, Space Gray, and Gold.

Direct link to video here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ran Avni” for the heads up.]

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    1. Dear Mr. Cook,

      Pay no attention to wet dreams such as this. Your phones are thin enough. If you do manage to compress the electronics into something thinner, use the saved space FOR A BIGGER BATTERY.

      A Loyal Customer

    2. I sign you off; this design is already used by Motorola X, so Apple will never use it.

      Besides, such design makes device thicker because of curvaceousness.

      Finally, there is no way to make borderless screen, so this design is ignorant.

      1. Correction: I thought it was another concept video, where iPhone was supposed to look like Motorola X.

        Aside that, this design is impossible as screen has to have borders. Also, it is not going to be iPhone 6: the bigger model will be separate parallel model.

    1. Ive doesn’t need to take notes from some amateur graphic designer trying to impress people with his video.

      Apple is also going to change the size of the headphone jack, so it doesn’t restrict them anymore. Other companies won’t like it but its time to change the headphone jack for the future

  1. It is stunning and thin and I worry that people who faux design products based purely of visual appeal inadvertently set expectations to high for Apple. I mean how are they going to fit the freak phone in there. We don’t even get stereo out now! I would love to see Apple adopt some of the features in the HTC ONE, but I don’t think so.

    First knowing Apple, they’re just going to make the existing design longer and not change it much visually. Think BMW or Mercedes. Actual design changes come rarely. It maintains the value of older models as well as gives the brand an over all classic appeal. In addition they can save radical departures for actual sales dips. Apple only gives as much as is necessary when creating new products. It will be a bit faster, smarter, and more capable, but this time around the cherry will be size. Last time it was the finger print sensor, oh yeah and Gold. GOLD IS BEST!

    It will be enough so that yeah, we’ll buy it again, but don’t let these movies set your expectations in the stratosphere. Retina 2? He didn’t even show where the microphone on that puppy is. 10MP? 4K? Think 6s, iPhone 7.

      1. Well see, this is what I mean. It’s not FUD. I expect Apple to produce a fine product. What I’m annoyed with is these faux products that sometimes are on the border of SciFi setting people’s expectations, then when the real thing comes out, no matter how good it is, you hear the same old “falls short of expectations” crap.

  2. I’m not particularly into this ultra-thin concept. I’d prefer a little more meat to hold a larger capacity battery and allow an improved quality front-facing camera. Being a guy, I think the need to have the thinnest smartphone seems highly overrated. Plenty of smartphone users still carry far bulkier smartphones. I’m almost certain most consumers would trade for a longer battery life rather than having some ultra-thin smartphone.

    1. Easy Jon boy. You’ve taken the thin thing far enough. There really is not much of a point to thinner when it is already, practically speaking, thin enough. More is better; not less! And I think this applies to the rest of the product line, too.

    2. I’m with you, I don’t need my phone any thinner or lighter. It’s not heavy now. If it’s too thin it’s difficult to handle easily. Don’t sacrifice battery or features just to make it ultra thin. It’s a phone/computer that you carry with you everywhere. I am a great admirer of design and architecture. Architecture in particular is something I study a lot. But my iPhone is a tool. And while I appreciate its appearance what I really need is for it to have functionality. The beauty of my iPhone is what I can do with it. That’s what matters.

    3. Here’s the thing… If you are carrying around a $600 device that can fall on cement, or other hard surfaces without a case, you are making a mistake. Cases can be as thin or as thick as you need. External battery packs can add protection, power and thickness too. Thinner is better really only for visual “sexiness” and for bragging rights. Below a certain level thin is not an advantage but it is certainly not a DISadvantage. Use a case people.

  3. The hardware of Sir Jony is always first and world class design. But the hideous visual joke of iOS 7, is not even close to being on the same level. Its like trailer trash giddy girls with spray paint driving a Rolls Royce … 🙂

    1. GoeB is right. Holding a phone that’s too thin will feel uncomfortable. E.g., I dislike eating with knives and forks that are too small for my hands, especially if these have sharp edges and corners.

    2. Yes, but it has improved since release day. Still has a long way to go, IMHO.

      And, all the white backgrounds are so hard to read. I wonder how pilots are dealing with this? White light is not used much in cockpits at night, unless very dim. This is because white light “blinds you at night.” And it can take up to 30 minutes to reestablish good night vision. Especially important in approach and landing. I wonder how pilots are assuring they don’t get a flash of white light from the various iOS apps that do this, if you forgot to dim the brightness setting, accidentally open the wrong app, etc.

  4. The concept looks cool but reality could get in the way.
    1. Need space for components such as the main board, memory and wireless.
    2. Battery life is dependent on energy demand and capacity. Thin phones are great but could limit the battery life.
    3. Phones end up in back pockets. The device will need to be bend proof especially in tight jeans.

  5. Stop!

    The thinner the iPhone gets, the harder it is to hold.

    Please, make the phone thin, but increase the battery so the actual thickness stays the same, even a tad thicker.

    I like the fact I can use the iPhone with one hand. Thinness is not that important to me.

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