“In accordance to tradition and history, iPhone rumors have begun to flow through the series of connected tubes known collectively as ‘The Internet,’ suggesting a launch is imminent,” Michael Harper reports for RedOrbit. “Some of the largest and most widely spread rumors this year include a 4-inch screen, slimmer form factor and the use of a new material either on the back or the sides of the phone, known as Liquidmetal.”

“As these rumors begin to pick up steam and Apple fans dream sweet dreams of metallic-backed iPhones, Business Insider decided to go straight to the source to get some answers about the use of the alloy in the new iPhone. The resulting headlines cast a pall on the Liquidmetal clad iPhone, but did the interview really tell us anything yet to be known? Steve Kovach of the Business Insider spoke with Atakan Peker, a co-inventor of the Liquidmetal alloy. Though Kovach said he wanted to get some answers ‘straight from the source,’ it’s likely he missed a few key points,” Harper reports.

CBS News takes Kovach to task over a few points, namely the fact that Peker doesn’t work for Liquidmetal anymore, hasn’t worked there since 2007 and therefore wasn’t around when Apple bought exclusive rights to the stuff,” Harper reports. “The claim that Apple will ‘likely’ spend 3-5 years maturing the technology may be true, but it has also been at least 2 years since Apple bought exclusive rights, and 4 years since Apple last used the technology in the iPhone 3G. Should Peker be correct, the time is about right for Apple to use Liquidmetal in the iPhone, even if it’s only used in a small capacity. Peker’s no fool, but is he an accurate source to cite on the matters of Apple’s future plans to use an alloy created by a company he no longer works for? [Nothng in the Business Insider interview answers] the question of whether or not Apple will use the fancy new metal alloy in their new phone.””

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The real sources (i.e. those who actually know) are likely under strict NDA and therefore aren’t talking. We wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Apple themselves suggested that Peker and Business Insider get together and do a little interview in order to muddy the waters a bit; you know, throw competitors and the media off the scent. Maybe people were getting a bit too close for comfort? Apple does so like to surprise. Or maybe not. The point is nobody who knows is talking, especially to the press. As Harper writes, “Like every year, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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